12 Jan

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Almost all bank recruitment exams have a section dedicated to General Awareness. Your preparation for General Awareness section of IBPS PO, SBI & RBI exams can be effective only when you keep updating your knowledge of current affairs. However, reading a newspaper daily may not be enough as you must also have the understanding of the kind of questions framed by the exam setters.

To give right direction to your efforts, Vidya Guru, which is one of the Best Bank Coaching Institutes in Delhi, has provided below a list of questions which are relevant for the upcoming exams.

Important Questions

  1. Where was the World Bhojpuri Conference held recently?
    a. Bengaluru
    b. Nagpur
    c. Patna
    d. Varanasi 

Answer: Varanasi

  1. Who among the following has recently become the Prime Minister of Romania?
    a. Liviu Dragnea
    b. Răzvan Cotovelea
    c. Sorin Grindeanu
    d. Marius Bostan 

Answer: Sorin Grindeanu

  1. What is the name of the 1st transgender school which has been set up in India?
    a. Sulabh International
    b. Sahaj International
    c. Ekta International
    d. Vividh International 

Answer: Sahaj International

  1. Who has written the novel “Watership Down”?
    a. Paul Beatty
    b. Richard Adams
    c. Philip Roth
    d. Salman Rushdie 

Answer: Richard Adams

  1. The Beipanjiang Bridge, which has become the highest bridge in the world, is located in
    a. Malaysia
    b. South Korea
    c. Taiwan
    d. China 

Answer: China

  1. Which state has announced 50% reservation for OBC, SC, ST and EBC categories in judicial services?
    a. Bihar
    b. Telangana
    c. Chhatisgarh
    d. Uttar Pradesh 

Answer: Bihar

  1. Who has written the novel “The Secret Chord”?
    a. Ian McEwan
    b. Geraldine Brooks
    c. Nicholas Sparks
    d. Anthony Doerr 

Answer: Geraldine Brooks

  1. Who among the following has been recently appointed as UPSC chairman?
    a. Ved Prakash
    b. K V Chowdary
    c. Arvind Panagariya
    d. David Syiemlieh 

Answer: David Syiemlieh

  1. Who has been recently appointed as the Chief Justice of Pakistan?
    a. Raheel Sharif
    b. Naveed Mukhtar
    c. Rizwan Akhtar
    d. Mian Saqib Nisar 

Answer: Mian Saqib Nisar

  1. Name the writer of the book “Scattered Souls”.
    a. Khaled Hosseini
    b. Taslima Nasrin
    c. Shahnaz Bashir
    d. Kiran Desai 

Answer: Shahnaz Bashir

  1. The 104th edition of Indian Science Congress was recently held in
    a. Goa
    b. Maharashtra
    c. Andhra Pradesh
    d. Punjab 

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

  1. Man Booker Prize winning author John Berger died recently. He belonged to
    a. New Zealand
    b. United Kingdom
    c. USA
    d. Canada 

Answer: United Kingdom

  1. Name the 1st nation in the world which has started paying basic income to its unemployed citizens.
    a. Germany
    b. Switzerland
    c. Finland
    d. Canada 

Answer: Finland

  1. When is the World Braille Day observed?
    a. 4th January
    b. 5th January
    c. 7th January
    d. 9th January 

Answer: 4th January

  1. Name the winner of World Blitz Chess Championship 2016.
    a. Magnus Carlsen
    b. Vladimir Kramnik
    c. Wesley So
    d. Sergey Karjakin 

Answer: Sergey Karjakin

  1. Who has written the book “Death under the Deodars”?
    a. Anita Desai
    b. Ruskin Bond
    c. Suketu Mehta
    d. Arundhati Roy 

Answer: Ruskin Bond

  1. Which team has recently won the SAFF Women’s Championship 2016?
    a. Bhutan
    b. India
    c. Maldives
    d. Bangladesh

Answer: India

  1. Where did the National Ice Skating Championship 2017 take place recently?
    a. Haryana
    b. Himachal Pradesh
    c. Uttarkhand
    d. Jammu & Kashmir 

Answer: Haryana

  1. Who has been recently elected as the new President of Haiti?
    a. René Préval
    b. Michel Martelly
    c. Jovenel Moise
    d. Jean-Bertrand Aristide 

Answer: Jovenel Moise

  1. India’s 1st biogas run bus is going to be launched in
    a. Nagpur
    b. Jaipur
    c. Hyderabad
    d. Kolkata 

Answer: Kolkata

  1. Where was the Chitwan Elephant Festival for tourism promotion held recently?
    a. Nepal
    b. Cambodia
    c. Maldives
    d. India 

Answer: Nepal

  1. Abdul Halim Jaffer Khan died recently. He was a noted player of which musical instrument?
    a. Bansuri
    b. Sitar
    c. Sarod
    d. Tabla 

Answer: Sitar

  1. Pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2017 was recently hosted in
    a. Bengaluru
    b. Jaipur
    c. Hyderabad
    d. Bhopal 

Answer: Bengaluru

  1. United Nations has declared 2017 as the
    a. International Year of Gender Equality
    b. International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
    c. International Year of Inter Religious Harmony
    d. International Year of Concerted Effort Against Terrorism

Answer: International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development

  1. The venue of Island Tourism Festival 2017 is
    a. Andaman & Nicobar
    b. Mumbai
    c. Lakshadweep
    d. Puducherry 

Answer: Andaman & Nicobar

  1. In which of the following states has Uttarayan, the international kite festival, 2017 begun?
    a. Bihar
    b. Madhya Pradesh
    c. Gujarat
    d. Tamil Nadu 

Answer: Gujarat

  1. Name the winner of Qatar Open 2017 Men’s singles tennis tournament.
    a. Milos Raonic
    b. Novak Djokovic
    c. Rafael Nadal
    d. Stanislas Wawrinka

Answer: Novak Djokovic

  1. Who has written the book “The Untold Vajpayee: Politician & Paradox”?
    a. Yashwant Sinha
    b. Murli Manohar Joshi
    c. Ullekh NP
    d. Mohan Bhagwat

Answer: Ullekh NP

  1. World Hindi Day is observed on
    a. 6th January
    b. 8th January
    c. 10th January
    d. 12th January

Answer: 10th January 

  1. Who has written the book “The People’s President: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam”?
    a. Mr Hamid Ansari
    b. Ram Chandra Guha
    c. Yogendra Yadav
    d. SM Khan 

Answer: SM Khan 

These questions are based on the significant events that have taken place in the first half of January this year. Along with such questions and answers, it is suggested that you keep watching the latest current affairs videos that are regularly uploaded on our Youtube Channel. On this channel, you will also be able to find quality videos on other aspects of SSC & IBPS Clerk Exam Preparation. Subscribing to the channel will further help you as you will receive regular updates regarding the new videos added.


This General Knowledge article has been written by subject matter experts of Vidya Guru Classes. A careful study of the article will be really useful to aspirants planning to take competitive examinations in the near future. In case of a doubt or for any further interaction with faculty members, you can write to us at vidyagurudelhi@gmail.com.

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