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1. Who has been recently awarded the Amazing Indian Award?

Ans: Arunima Sinha


Arunima Sinha received Amazing Indian Award on 6 February 2014.The award was given by the Vice President of India, M Hamid Ansari. She was awarded for scaling Mount Everest despite being physically challenged. The Amazing Indian Award was instituted by Times Now channel in September 2012.

About Arunima Sinha

  • Sinha is the first Indian amputee to conquer Mount Everest on 21 may 2013
  • Sinha scaled the 8848 metre-high summit of the world’s highest peak on 21 May 2013
  • Sinha is a former national volleyball and football player from Uttar Pradesh

2. Who has been appointed Chairman of Microsoft?

Ans: John Thompson


John Thompson was appointed as the Chairman of Microsoft on 5 February 2014 by the Board of Directors at a meeting held in Washington, US. He succeeded Bill Gates who assumed the role of Technology Advisor to the CEO of Microsoft.  John Thompson is the first Afro-American to head the Microsoft and the second Chairman of the Microsoft after Bill Gates. He joined the Board of Microsoft as independent director in February 2012. With the inclusion of Thompson the Board of Directors of Microsoft will now have 10 members including Nadella. Out of 10 board members, seven are independent directors. Three of the seven have been on the board for more than eight years.

3. _________ has assumed the role of Founder & Technology Advisor to Microsoft CEO.

Ans: Bill Gates


Microsoft Founder Bill gates assumed the role of Founder & Technology Advisor to the CEO of Microsoft on 5 February 2014. With this he stepped down from the post of Chairman of Microsoft. In his new role, Bill Gates will help Satya Nadella, the new CEO of Microsoft, in shaping technology and product direction. He will devote more time in making Microsoft Office more interactive and building a cloud platform as examples of ways Microsoft can innovate in the future. For years, Gates has focused on the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and now that he is taking a more hands-on role at Microsoft.

4. Oldest tigress __________ was recently found in Ranthambore National Park.

Ans: Machli


Machli, Queen Mother of tiger dynasty was found in the Ranthambhore National Park on 5 February 2014. The tigress was missing from 9 January 2014 from zone 5 of the park. The 17-year-old Machli is the longest living wild-tigress in the world, besides being the most photographed big cat. The tigress was identified as T-16. Machli had survived in the dense forest by hunting her own prey despite her advanced age.

5. For which Prize have Malala Yousafzai, John Wood and Indira Ranamagar been nominated recently?

Ans: World Children’s Prize


Malala Yousafzai, the Pakistani schoolgirl who survived after being shot in her head by Taliban was nominated for the World Children’s Prize in Sweden for championing education rights for girls on 6 February 2014. As per the 15 member of international prize jury of WCP name of Malala was selected as she is a child, who stood up for girls’ rights to education in Pakistan, but also in the world as a whole.The World Children’s Prize (WCP) is also known as the Children’s Nobel Prize and was founded in 2000 with an aim to raise awareness of children’s rights in 60000 schools in 110 countries through educational programs.  Other candidates nominated for the year are John Wood from USA and Indira Ranamagar from Nepal. The WCP Program 2014 is open from 5 February to 15 October 2014.

About Malala Yousafzai

  • Malala in 2013 was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her crusade for the right of all children to an education
  • She has been nominated for the 2014 award for her courageous and dangerous fight for girls’ right to education
  • At the age of 11, she started speaking out for the education of the girls after Taliban banned girls from going to school in the swat valley of Pakistan but Malala kept going to school even after the ban imposed by Taliban. She was shot at the age of 15 and was almost killed by the Taliban on her way home from school, but she survived.

6. Who has been appointed dean of Princeton University Graduate School?

Ans: Sanjeev Kulkarni


Indian-American Professor Sanjeev Kulkarni was appointed as the Dean of Princeton University Graduate School on 5 February 2014. He will succeed William Russel, the present dean of the Princeton University Graduate School since 2002. His appointment was recommended by Princeton University President Christopher L Eisgruber and approved by the Board of Trustees. Sanjeev Kulkarni at present is the professor of electrical engineering and director of the Keller Center. He will take the charge as next dean from 31 March 2014.

7. CCI has approved Etihad Airways purchase of _____ % stake in Jet Privilege Private Ltd.

Ans: 50.1%


Competition Commission of India (CCI) approved Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways proposal of purchase of 50.1% stake in Jet Privilege Private Ltd (JPPL) on 6 February 2014. JPPL is a customer loyalty programme unit of Jet Airways. CCI headed by Chairman Ashok Chawla in its majority decision ruled in favour of the Etihad Airways. It said that the transaction was unlikely to have any adverse impact on market competition. This is because CCI had already approved the Etihad’s purchase of 24 per cent stake in Naresh Goyal-led Jet Airways and the two carriers were already partners in their respective frequent flyer programmes.

8. North Korea and __________ have agreed to resume reunion of war-split families.

Ans: South Korea


North Korea and South Korea agreed to resume reunion of war split families after a gap of more than three years.  The reunion will take place on 20-25 February 2014 at Mount Kumgang resort of North Korea.

9. Which mobile company has launched online campaign IndiaForShiva on Twitter?

Ans: MTS


Telecom major MTS launched an online campaign IndiaForShiva on Twitter to mobilise support for Indian luge athlete Shiva Keshavan on 5 February 2014. The campaign is an extensive social media movement to generate support for Keshavan. It would encompass specially designed twitter feeds, engagement activities on Facebook and other social media channels. Shiva Keshavan is to compete his fifth Winter Olympics campaign in Sochi,Russia.  The winter Olympics will start from 8 February 2014.  Shiva Keshavan is a two-time Asia Cup gold medallist and will be competing under the Olympics flag instead of the Indian flag.

10. Union Government has confirmed the appointment of _________ as the head of Director General of Hydrocarbon (DGH).

Ans:  B.N.Talukdar


Union Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas confirmed the appointment of B.N.Talukdar as the head of Director General of Hydrocarbon (DGH) on 5 February 2014. B.N.Talukdar will take charge as the new Director General of the DGH on 6 February 2014. He is currently serving as the Director for exploration in Oil India Ltd. (OIL). He will succeed Rajiv Narayan Choubey who was appointed by the former Union Oil Minister S Jaipal Reddy as the DG of DGH in June 2012. Choubey is a 1981 batch IAS officer of Tamil Nadu cadre.The confirmation of Talukdar as the head of the DGH came six months after his name was suggested by a government appointed search panel in August 2013. The search panel was headed by the Petroleum Secretary Vivek Rae.

11. CCEA has approved implementation of NMAET. ExpandNMAET.

Ans: National Mission Agricultural Extension and Technology


The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) approved on 4 February 2014 the implementation of the National Mission on Agricultural Extension and Technology (NMAET) during the 12th Plan period. The extension of NMAET and its components will be expanded and up-scaled appropriately and implemented in a more coordinated and convergent manner. The Mission will have a total outlay of 13073.08 crore rupees with Government of India’s share of Rs. 11390.68 crore and State share of 1682.40 crore rupees.

12. ________ has recently destroyed its entire chemical arsenal.

Ans: Libya


Libya government announced on 5 February 2014 that it has destroyed its entire chemical arsenal. It was announced by the Foreign Minister of Libya, Mohammed Abdelaziz. The chemical arsenal destroyed included bombs and artillery shells filled with mustard gas. Organisation for Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) confirmed that Libya has become totally free of usable chemical weapons that might present a potential threat to the security of local communities, the environment and neighbouring countries.

13. Who has been appointed CEO of Microsoft?

Ans: Satya Nadella


Satya Nadella was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Internet Giant Microsoft by the Board of Directors of Microsoft on 4 January 2014. Satya Nadella will succeed Steve Ballmer as the third CEO of the Microsoft firm. Bill Gates is the founder and first CEO of Microsoft. Nadella is thefirst Indian to head the Microsoft in its 38-year history. Nadella prior to his appointment as CEO served Microsoft as the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise group. Microsoft also announced that Bill Gates, previously Chairman of the Board of Directors, will assume a new role on the Board as Founder and Technology Advisor, and will devote more time to the company, supporting Nadella in shaping technology and product direction. Bsides, John Thompson, lead independent director for the Board of Directors, will assume the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors and remain an independent director on the Board.

About Microsoft

Microsoft was founded in April 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in Redmond, US. At present it is the fourth largest company in the world in terms of market capitalization. Its block buster products include MS-DOS, Windows and Xbox (Video game). It acquired Nokia in September 2013 in a 7.2 billion dollar deal.

14.  A Committee to deal with False Advertisement has been set up by CCPC. Expand CCPC.

Ans: Central Consumer Protection Council


The Central Consumer Protection Council (CCPC) headed by K V Thomas decided to set up a sub-committee on 3 February 2014. The CCPC is under the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The committee will issue guidelines to monitor the advertisements as currently there is no any legal safeguard available for consumers to deal with the false advertisements. If the claims made by whitening creams proved unphenomenal as advertised, Consumer should have right to claim compensation not only from the advertisers but also from the celebrities endorsing the product. The committee will submit its recommendations by the end of February 2014.

15. ___________ has been appointed Country Director India of Asian Development Bank.

Ans: M Teresa Kho


M Teresa kho was appointed as Asian Development Bank (ADB)’s new Country Director for India on 3 February 2014. Teresa Kho replaced Hun Kim who was appointed as Deputy Director General of ADB’s South Department in Manila.

About Asian Development Bank

Asian Development Bank was established in 1966 and is headquartered in Manila. ADB targets investment wisely in partnership with developing member countries and other stakeholders to alleviate poverty. The main devices for assistance are loans, grants, policy dialogue, technical assistance and equity investments.

16. Sachin Tendulkar and __________have been conferred with Bharat Ratna recently.

Ans: CNR Rao


Bharat Ratna, the highest civilian honour was conferred on cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar (40) and eminent scientist Prof CNR Rao (79) by the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. The awards were given at the Durban Hall of the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi on 4 February 2014. The recipient of the award will receive a Sanad (certificate) signed by the President and a medallion. This award does not carry any monetary grants. With this felicitation, Sachin became the first sportsperson to be conferred with the honour of Bharat Ratna. He is also the youngest person alive to be conferred with the award. Master Blaster. To accommodate the sportspersons with the top honour, the government of India revised the eligibility criteria of the sportsperson in December 2011. Apart from, this Sachin is the first active sportsperson, who became the Rajya Sabha member of the country. He became a member of the Rajya Sabha in 2013. 

About Bharat Ratna Awards
Rajendra Prasad, the former President of India on 2 January 1955 gave his order to establish an award. As per the order of the then President (till 1966), the award did not allowed any one to grant the posthumous awards. Further in January 1966, a provision was inserted for this.Till date, 12 posthumous awards have been given of which one includes Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Bose was given the award in 1992, which was withdrawn due to legal technicalities. The case of Bose is the only and last case recorded till date of withdrawal of the award. The Order of precedence of India is the protocol list (hierarchy of important positions) has placed Bharat Ratna awardees at the seventh position.

Non-Indians, who have been conferred with the award
• Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (1987)
• Nelson Mandela (1990)

17. Which country has ordered jail terms ranging 3-30 years for its mercenaries fighting in outside countries?

Ans: Saudi Arabia


Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the King of Saudi Arabia on 4 February 2014 ordered jail terms ranging from three to thirty years for the Saudi citizens, who are fighting outside the country. This order has been passed to curb the number of people of Saudi Arabia, who go outside their country to fight in other countries like Syria along with the foreign fighters. This move is a follow-up of the reports on foreign fighters in large numbers including people of Saudi Arabia, fighting in Syria and other countries.

18. Who has been appointed to head the 7th Central Pay Commission?

Ans: Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur


Former Supreme Court Justice, Ashok Kumar Mathur on 4 February 2014 was appointed as the Chairman of the 7th Pay Commission. Vivek Rae, the Petroleum and Natural Gas Secretary will be the full time member director. Ratin Roy of National Institute of Public Finances and Policy will be part-time member of the commission. Officer on Special Duty in the Department of Expenditure, Meena Agarwal will be the Secretary of the Pay panel. The Commission has been mandated to submit its report in two years time. Its recommendation would be implemented from 1 January 2016. Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India has approved composition of the 7th Pay Commission in September 2013 that will revise the salaries of over 50 lakh central government employees and about 30 lakh pensioners. The Pay Commission is constituted every ten years by the government of India to revise the pay scales of its employees and often these are adopted by states after some modification. The 6th Pay Commission was implemented with the effect from 1 January 2006, while the fifth and fourth commissions were implemented from 1 January 1996 and 1 January 1986 respectively. In May 1946, the first Pay commission was constituted under the chairmanship of Srinivasa Varadachariar. It submitted its report in a year. The first commission was based upon the idea of living wages to the employees, which was taken by the Islington Commission.

19. Poonam Khetrapal Singh has taken charge as Regional Director of SEARO. Expand SEARO.

Ans: South East Asian Regional Organisation


Poonam Khetrapal Singh took charge as the Regional Director of World Health Organisation (WHO) South-East Asia Region on 1 February 2014. Poonam Khetrapal Singh succeeded Samlee Plianbangchang of Thailand who served for ten years consecutively. The Regional Director has a term of five years and can get a second term. She is the first Indian in 44 years to hold the post of Regional Director, South East Asian Regional Organisation (SEARO). India had occupied the post from 1948-1968.

About South East Asian Regional Organisation

SEARO is one of the six regions of World Health and its headquarters is in New Delhi. SEARO has 11 countries namely India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Timor Leste and DPR Korea. SEARO is headed by a Regional Director (RD) who is elected by the members of the SEARO countries.

20. UN has appointed __________ as the Special advisor on cyber security.

Ans: Vivek Lall


United Nation appointed India based Vivek Lall as special advisor on cyber security on 3 February 2014. Vivek Lall will be responsible for steering the policy framework of the UN in the area of broadband and associated cyber security issues and oversee implementation.

21. ________ has taken charge as MD & CEO of MCX.

Ans: Manoj Vaish


Manoj Vaish took charge as the Managing Director (MD) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. (MCX) on 1 February 2014. Forward Markets Commission (FMC) the commodity markets regulator approved the appointment of Vaish. His appointment is for a period of three years.  His appointment came following step down of Shreekant Javalgekar in October 2013 as the Managing Director and CEO of MCX following the 5600 crore rupees scam related to National Spot Exchange (NSEL). NSEL is a sister concern of MCX and is co promoted by MCX promoter Financial Technologies India Ltd. (FTIL).

22. World Cancer Day is observed on _______.

Ans: Feb 4


The World Cancer Day 2014 was observed across the world on 4 February 2014 with its focus on Target 5 of the World Cancer Declaration: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer, under the tagline Debunk the myths.This day is observed to raise the collective voices for improving the general knowledge around cancer and dismiss the misconceptions about the disease.

23. ________ has won the Winnipeg Open title recently.

Ans: Joshna Chinappa


Squash player Joshna Chinappa won the Winnipeg Winter Club Open title on 3 February 2014. She defeated Heba El Torky of Egypt. The fourth seeded Indian triumphed 3-2 (11-13 11-8 11-5 3-11 12-10) in a see-saw battle. The world number 27 Chinappa rallied after losing the opening game which was dominated by Heba.

About Joshna Chinappa
Joshna Chinappa is a squash player based in Chennai, India. Joshna was the first Indian girl to win the British Squash Championship title in 2003 in the under 19 category, at Sheffield, U.K and was also the youngest Indian women’s national champion.

24. Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station has been awarded a Gold Shield recently. It is situated on the river ________.

Ans: Satluj


Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station awarded a gold shield on 4 February 2014 for its meritorious performance in 2013-14. Nathpa Hydro power Station consecutively third time received the award. Nathpa Jhakri Hydro Power Station received Silver shield for the year 2012-13 and Bronze shield for the year 2011-12 by the Central Electricity Authority in the category of Performance of Hydro Power Stations. The Ministry of Power had instituted the Comprehensive Award Scheme for recognizing meritorious performance in Power Sector in 2004-05.

About Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Station

Nathpa Jhakri Hydroelectric Station of 1500 MW capacity is the India’s largest hydropower plant. It was commissioned in May 2004 and 62.50m high Concrete Gravity dam on River Satluj. Natpha Jhakri hydroelectric plant supply power to the North Indian states of Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and the cities of Delhi and Chandigarh.

25. When is the World Wetland Day observed across the globe?

Ans: Feb 2


World Wetland Day was celebrated across the globe on 2 February 2014. The theme for this year’s World Wetland Day was Wetlands & Agriculture. The Ramsar Convention chose Wetland & Agriculture as theme for World Wetland Day 2014 in view of the UN declaring 2014 as International Year of Family Farming. Slogan for the occasion was Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners for Growth placing a focus on the need for the wetland and agricultural sectors (and the water sector too of course) to work together for the best shared outcomes. Wetlands have often been seen as a barrier to agriculture, and they continue to be drained and  reclaimed to make farming land available.

26. Meghalaya’s first Padma Shri Awardee, _________ has died recently.

Ans: Silverine Swer


Silverine Swer, the first Padma Shri awardee of Meghalaya died on 1 February 2014 at her residence at Riatsamthiah. She was of 103 years in age. She received the Padma Shri award in 1990 from the then President of India, R. Venkararaman.

27. Recently Olympic torch was lit on Russia’s highest point, __________.

Ans: Mount Elbrus


Olympic torch was lit in Russia on 1 February 2014 at its highest point on the western peak of Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of Russia, which also is the highest peak of all of Europe. The torch was lit by two experienced mountain climbers at a height of 5642 meters above sea level a week before the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Two mount climbers named Alpinists Abdul-Khalim Elmezov and Karina Mezova (who serves as president of a local climbing federation) climbed the western peak of the mountain in the northern Caucasus at the end of October 2013 carrying the flame in a special lantern. With this the last of four special projects in the biggest torch relay in Olympic history was completed.

28. Where has India’s first Mono rail been inaugurated?

Ans: Mumbai


India’s first monorail service was inaugurated by the Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj chavan on 1 February 2014 in Mumbai. The First phase of Mumbai Monorail is comprised of 8.9 km long Wadala-Chembur section. The first phase was constructed at the cost of 1900 crore rupees which have seven stations. It will operate between 7 am and 3 pm at an interval of 15 minutes initially. The fully air-conditioned monorail’s minimum fare will be five rupees while maximum fare will be twenty rupees.

29. US has warned China against move to declare new ADIZ over South China Sea. Expand ADIZ.

Ans: Air Defence Identification Zone


US on 31 January 2014 warned China against any move to declare a new Air Defence Identification Zone (ADIZ) over the South China Sea. This came after the reports of Japanese media that says that China is preparing to announce another defence zone in the area, which are driven by territorial disputes with the neighboring countries. Marie Harf, the deputy spokeswoman of State Department has said that any such step of China would be seen as a provocative and unilateral act, which could raise tensions and call into serious questions on China over its commitment to diplomatically managing territorial disputes.On part of Japan, Beijing claims the South China Sea in its entirety although areas are long way from its shoreline. In 2013, China caused a storm when it declared ADIZ above the East China Sea, which included islands at the heart of a sovereignty row with Tokyo. China in December 2013 displayed its aggressive behavior towards the ships and aircrafts of America in international airspace and waters.

30. SAVE Project has been for Asian Vultures. Expand SAVE.

Ans: Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction


A programme named Saving Asia’s Vultures from Extinction (SAVE) in its plan wants to release up to 25 birds into the 30000 kilometer square safe zone. The captive-bred birds will be released into the wild by 2016 under the project would. The project has been planned following the devastation in the populations due to vetting of drugs named Diclofenac on cattle. The veterinary drug Diclofenac that is used in vetting the cattle has been identified as a reason that is causing the sharp deep in the numbers of vultures. Use of this drug has been banned in India. Diclofenac is toxic for any and all vultures that feed on the carcass of recently treated cattle. SAVE in its study says that the version for human use is being illegally given to the cattle.

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