04 Mar

After being successful in IBPS PO exam, candidates have to prepare themselves for the all important interview. This is where many of them realize that overcoming the interview hurdle is, perhaps, tougher than cracking the online exam. Since, nobody would like to take a chance at this crucial juncture, seeking guidance from the centre for the best bank PO coaching in Delhi becomes the obvious choice.

However, due to certain constraints, some candidates are not able to seek this guidance in person. Keeping them in mind, the faculty members at the coaching centre have described, in detail, seven aspects of interview preparation that a candidate must focus on. These aspects are as follows:

  1. Confidence: You can inspire confidence in the interviewers, only when you are confident of yourself. Self confidence is critical to sail through a high pressure situation like the interview. You must be able to get a grip on the nervousness which you may be experiencing on the day of the interview. Your body language must display a sense of composure and confidence. But, at the same time you must not come across as cocky and overconfident. It does not go down well with the interviewers. You must appear to be humble, polite and yet confident of yourself.
  2. Clarity of thought: Don’t expect the interviewers to accept everything that you say at face value. The interviewers are bound to ask you cross questions in order to examine the clarity in your thought process. Interviewers want to recruit people who are clear about what they want to do in life. You must not come across as a confused individual who doesn’t exactly know where he/she is headed. That is one mistake which alone is sufficient to get anyone rejected. Therefore, you must think things through and give clear and forthright answers.
  3. Content: You must have adequate knowledge of your academic background. Interviewers do ask questions pertaining to your education to test your academic merit. Apart from it, you must keep yourself updated on prevailing issues of national and international importance. This way, you will have the content necessary to answer questions related to current affairs. Through these questions the interview panel tries to gauge your awareness of the world around you. Moreover, before appearing for the IBPS PO interview, you must brush up the content related to banking and financial awareness which you had gone through for the online exam.
  4. Conciseness: Don’t beat around the bush. Your answers must be to the point and concise. Verbosity tends to bore the interviewers and makes your communication tedious. Avoid using unnecessary phrases such as: “according to what I feel”, “according to my point of view”, “as per what I think” etc. It is obvious that if you have been asked a question, you have to answer it from your perspective only, not from the perspective of somebody else. However, conciseness doesn’t mean that you don’t elaborate your point of view. You must elaborate only as much as necessary. There is no need to keep repeating your ideas. If at all, you find it appropriate to repeat an idea, make sure you rephrase your words and use different expressions.
  5. Capability: Any interview panel is going to assess your capabilities and skill set. During the course of the discussion, you must be able to demonstrate the capabilities that are relevant to the job of a bank probationary officer. In order to do so, you must have perfect clarity as to what the roles & responsibilities of a Bank PO are. You have to pose yourself as a candidate who is capable of handling the challenges of the job. The panel is looking for people who can handle pressure and match the performance standards set by the bank.
  6. Convincing: An average Bank PO interview lasts for about 10-15 minutes. In this time period you have to leave such an impact on the interview panel which ensures your selection. You will be able to do so only when you are convincing in your communication. Therefore, you must listen to the question well and understand it fully. Frame an answer which fully explains what you wish to convey and leaves no scope of confusion. Your answers must be so convincing as to persuade the interviewers to understand your point of view.
  7. Credibility: As an officer who is a part of public sector banking, you will be dealing with public money. Such a position can be offered only to a person who is trustworthy and responsible, whose credibility is beyond doubt. As a future banker, you must have certain vital personality traits such as honesty, sincerity, business acumen and managerial ability. Although, these traits can be best evaluated through the means of a psychometric test, yet IBPS has till now relied only on personal interviews for this purpose.

Conclusion: In this article, seven noteworthy aspects of IBPS interview preparation have been discussed by the faculty at one of the most preferred bank coaching institutes in Delhi. A thorough understanding of these aspects followed by systematic preparation will pave the way for your transition from a bank job aspirant to a successful public sector banker.

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