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Improving your vocabulary is a sure-short way to score well in the verbal ability section of Banking, SSC and CDS exams. In fact, Vocabulary enhancement is essential because it has a significant overall positive effect on one’s comprehension of English language.

However, it must be emphasized that knowing the meaning of a word in itself isn’t enough. To improve your command of the language, learning the synonyms, the antonyms and the usage of words is a must. Whether you are searching for the Best CDS Online Coaching Classes or even Bank Exam Preparation Courses, at Vidya Guru, you will be getting excellent learning material and thorough guidance.  The quiz provided below will not only help you learn some quality words, but also act as a tool for assessment of your word power.

Directions for Questions 1 to 25: From the available options, choose the one which is the ANTONYM of the word given in the bold.

Question 1. Aver

  1. Gainsay
  2. Procrastinate
  3. Vitiate
  4. Spurn

Solution: Gainsay

Synonyms: Affirm, Declare and Profess

Example: The young girl was tearfully averring her innocence hoping that she would not be punished by the teacher.

Question 2. Prolix

  1. Meticulous
  2. Vivacious
  3. Succinct
  4. Delectable

Solution: Succinct

Synonyms: Long-winded, Verbose and Pleonastic

Example: Stephen will be remembered as a man who needlessly transformed short anecdotes into prolix narratives that bored his audience to death.

Question 3. Dreary

  1. Sinewy
  2. Propitious
  3. Affluent
  4. Frightening

Solution: Propitious

Synonyms: Dismal, Mournful and Depressing

Example: The Mehras have finally agreed to consult an expert counselor in an attempt to salvage their dreary relationship.

Question 4. Depraved

  1. Generous
  2. Authenticated
  3. Broadminded
  4. Pure

Solution: Pure

Synonyms: Corrupt, Rakish, and Debased

Example: The depraved actions of a local group of hoodlums have brought disrepute to the entire county.

Question 5. Assuage

  1. Applaud
  2. Overpower
  3. Exacerbate
  4. Suspect

Solution: Exacerbate

Synonyms: Alleviate, Mollify and Mitigate

Example: Before seeing her off at the entrance, Netra’s father hugged her to assuage the discomfort she felt on the first day at school.

Question 6. Scourge

  1. Boon
  2. Simplify
  3. Insignificant
  4. Trace

Solution: Boon

Synonyms: Bane, Curse and Affliction

Example: Pernicious health effects of widespread obesity have turned it into a modern-day scourge of mankind.

Question 7. Peremptory

  1. Unprepared
  2. Clumsy
  3. Unpretentious
  4. Profound

Solution: Unpretentious

Synonyms: Bumptious, Authoritative and Cavalier

Example: The supreme leader’s peremptory attitude towards running the party has led to an exit of even the longtime loyalists from its fold.

Question 8. Perfidious

  1. Flawless
  2. Devout
  3. Organized
  4. Humble

Solution: Devout

Synonyms: Disloyal, Treacherous and Deceitful

Example: A perfidious executive from the marketing team has divulged the Company’s entire strategy for gaining market share to our leading competitor.

Question 9. Quixotic

  1. Inexpensive
  2. Contemporary
  3. Spendthrift
  4. Pragmatic

Solution: Pragmatic

Synonyms: Utopian, Idealistic and Dreamy

Example: In an age of airbrushed pictures taken by sophisticated DSLR cameras, a quixotic attempt at operating a photography studio for family albums can’t really be successful.

Question 10. Incontrovertible

  1. Refutable
  2. Vagrant
  3. Sinister
  4. Credulous

Solution: Refutable

Synonyms: Certain, Unquestionable and Irrefragable

Example: The jury was not convinced with the circumstantial evidence presented by the prosecution lawyer; it refused to sentence the accused in the absence of any incontrovertible evidence.

Question 11. Emblazon

  1. Possess
  2. Underpin
  3. Lambast
  4. Commiserate

Solution: Lambast

Synonyms:  Extol, Glorify and Laud

Example: The statue of unity is going to emblazon Sardar Patel’s legacy as one of India’s foremost freedom fighters.

Question 12. Macabre

  1. Impermeable
  2. Delectable
  3. Facile
  4. Kindred

Solution: Delectable

Synonyms: Gruesome, Appalling and Dreadful

Example: Most zombie films are macabre spectacles of blood and gore without a compelling storyline or even engaging dialogue.

Question 13. Obverse

  1. Hackneyed
  2. Forthright
  3. Similar
  4. Vaunted

Solution: Similar

Synonyms: Opposite, Unlike and Antithetical

Example: The party’s leaders had promised development and economic growth to the electorate, but what they ultimately delivered was the obverse: a GDP contraction and unemployment.

Question 14. Indurate

  1. Facetious
  2. Buffoon
  3. Contrived
  4. Tender

Solution: Tender

Synonyms: Remorseless, Callous and Merciless

Example: It is unfortunate that carnivorous animals such as wolves and jackals are depicted as indurate creatures in children’s stories.

Question 15. Condign

  1. Uncertain
  2. Acquiesce
  3. Unwarranted
  4. Salvage

Solution: Unwarranted

Synonyms: Deserved, Justified and Fair

Example: The citizenry can’t help but feel that the individuals close to the administration are able to evade condign punishment for their misdeeds.

Question 16. Elucidate

  1. Obscure
  2. Venerate
  3. Proffer
  4. Broach

Solution: Obscure

Synonyms: Expound, Demystify and Simplify

Example: Vidya Guru faculty members provide the Best Online Bank PO Coaching Classes for SBI & IBPS exams and can elucidate even the toughest concepts involved in Govt. Job preparation.

Question 17. Refractory

  1. Amenable
  2. Cantankerous
  3. Loquacious
  4. Erudite

Solution: Amenable

Synonyms: Intractable, Obstinate and Noncompliant

Example: Mrs. Smith threatened the refractory students that they would be expelled from the class for the rest of the academic session.

Question 18. Filibuster

  1. Ruminate
  2. Expedite
  3. Preserve
  4. Edify

Solution: Expedite

Synonyms: Procrastinate, Delay and Temporize

Example: The group of councilors planning to filibuster the healthcare reforms bill did not get adequate support from their colleagues.

Question 19. Jejune

  1. Parched
  2. Riveting
  3. Inveterate
  4. Pellucid

Solution: Riveting

Synonyms: Drab, Humdrum and Dull

Example: The young voters no longer want to listen to jejune speeches by a leader who doesn’t understand their aspirations.

Question 20. Nonplussed

  1. Stupendous
  2. Whimsical
  3. Orthodox
  4. Unfazed

Solution: Unfazed

Synonyms: Stunned, Baffled and Perplexed

Example: A volley of aggressive questions at the B-School interview left Anurag feeling nonplussed towards the end.

Question 21. Poltroon

  1. Gallant
  2. Solemn
  3. Decorous
  4. Savant

Solution: Gallant

Synonyms: Craven, Pusillanimous and Recreant

Example: Some of the famed Nazi military strategists were so poltroon in the battlefield that they readily surrendered their posts in the face of slightest aggression.

Question 22. Recondite

  1. Abysmal
  2. Gregarious
  3. Superficial
  4. Stoic

Solution: Superficial

Synonyms: Esoteric, Arcane and Abstruse

Example: Recondite subjects such as theoretical physics are not an average Joe’s cup of tea.

Question 23. Canny

  1. Ingenuous
  2. Tedious
  3. Vague
  4. Ingenious

Solution: Ingenuous

Synonyms: Shrewd, Astute and Savvy

Example: Bobby Fischer will always be remembered as a canny chess expert who could outwit his rivals in no more than 20 moves.

Question 24. Dudgeon

  1. Outside
  2. Mollification
  3. Mellow
  4. Ascend

Solution: Mollification

Synonyms: Resentment, Miff and Umbrage

Example: The activist wrote to the apex court in high dudgeon urging it to take Suo Moto cognizance of the crime that had shook the nation’s collective conscience.

Question 25. Chimerical

  1. Prudent
  2. Authentic
  3. Jarring
  4. Reckless

Solution: Authentic

Synonyms: Mythical, Imaginary and Fictitious

Example: Time travel is nothing but a chimerical dream peddled by science fiction writers to a gullible audience that is oblivious to the underlying concepts of physics.

Going through the contents of this quiz must have surely given you clarity regarding the vocabulary based questions you can expect in SSC CGL / CHSL, Banking and other public sector exams. Being one of the foremost Institutes for Govt. Job Preparation, signing up as a Vidya Guru student will give you access to the Best NRA CET Online Coaching Classes in India. To experience our teaching methodology and to check out the learning value of our Course contents, we suggest you subscribe to our YouTube channel at the earliest. On this channel, you will find quality videos that cater to various dimensions of exam preparation.


This Antonyms based vocabulary quiz has been published by Vidya Guru English language experts keeping in mind the pattern of various upcoming competitive examinations. To know more about our Online Classes and Coaching Courses, feel free to write in to us at vidyagurudelhi@gmail.com.

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