30 May

Awesome English Vocabulary Quiz by SSC CGL Coaching
In the upcoming SBI PO and SSC CGL Exams, a lot will depend on how good your vocabulary is. In fact, a strong performance on vocabulary based questions will help you a lot in taking a lead over other candidates. However, this can happen only when your preparation is more focused and exam relevant as compared to others.

That is why experts from Vidya Guru, the Institute providing the Best SSC Coaching in Delhi, keep publishing English Vocabulary Quizzes based on the latest pattern of questions seen in various Govt. Job Exams. The next quiz is given below for your perusal.

Vocabulary Quiz (Find the Synonyms)

Question 1. Ersatz
a. Skillful
b. Smug
c. Ethical
d. Fake

Answer: Fake

Example: At a flea market you can purchase ersatz versions of high-end products at a budget friendly price.

Question 2. Mendicant
a. Dishonest
b. Beggar
c. Miser
d. Generous

Answer: Beggar

Example: The mendicants begging on the side of the church road seem to be in miserable condition.

Question 3. Atelier
a. Workshop
b. Cavalry
c. Weaponry
d. Penthouse

Answer: Workshop

Example: The artist fell on hard times and was unable to afford even the rent of his atelier.

Question 4. Chintzy
a. Minute
b. Humorous
c. Cheap
d. Indifferent

Answer: Cheap

Example: For the birthday party, we require chintzy paper plates that can be thrown away later.

Question 5. Demesne
a. Humiliate
b. Estate
c. Faith
d. Lessen

Answer: Estate

Example: As the manpower was cheap, it made a lot of sense in cultivating the demesne.

Question 6. Eructation
a. Burp
b. Landslide
c. Celebration
d. Mishap

Answer: Burp

Example: Frequent eructation at night was the sole problem that still troubled the old woman.

Question 7. Jejune
a. Irritating
b. Fertile
c. Uninteresting
d. Vigorous

Answer: Uninteresting

Example: The publishing house was miffed at the writer because the readers found her prose jejune and lifeless.

Question 8. Paramour
a. Cross
b. Necessary
c. Expert
d. Lover

Answer: Lover

Example: To avoid getting discovered, the wealthy real estate broker asked his paramour to stay at a hotel on the outskirts of the city.

Question 9. Tocsin
a. Adulteration
b. Venom
c. Strength
d. Warning

Answer: Warning

Example: An unexpected drop in a young learner’s grades can be the tocsin of an unresolved emotional conflict.

Question 10. Internecine
a. Complex
b. Destructive
c. Combined
d. Related

Answer: Destructive

Example: The internecine conflict between America and terrorist forces has completely ruined the economy of Afghanistan.

Question 11. Sentient
a. Conscious
b. Disciplined
c. Cunning
d. Oblivious

Answer: Conscious

Example: The mountaineers were sentient of the grave danger posed by a possible avalanche.

Question 12. Queer
a. Gaze
b. Affluent
c. Strange
d. Magnificent

Answer: Strange 

Example: The veteran zoologist had never seen an animal so queer as the one hiding behind the bushes.

Question 13. Mundane
a. Sonorous
b. Ordinary
c. Lethal
d. Obligatory

Answer: Ordinary

Example: Our diner must spice up its menu and replace the tasteless and mundane dishes with something more delectable.

Question 14. Candid
a. Skilled
b. Wily
c. Fraudulent
d. Frank

Answer: Frank

Example: The young politician’s candid remarks have taken the seasoned leaders in his party completely by surprise.

Question 15. Aegis
a. Beauty
b. Unity
c. Protection
d. Example

Answer: Protection 

Example: Nathan, a homeless orphan, grew into a confident young adult under the aegis of his foster parents.

Question 16. Divulge
a. Annihilate
b. Disclose
c. Replicate
d. Obliterate

Answer: Disclose

Example: The Food and Drug Administration agency makes it mandatory for pharmaceutical companies to divulge the side effects of their drugs clearly to the public.

Question 17. Garrulous
a. Loquacious
b. Self-assured
c. Argumentative
d. Reticent

Answer: Loquacious 

Example: My niece is a lively and garrulous child who happens to be the favorite student of all her teachers.

Question 18. Absolve
a. Penalize
b. Convict
c. Deny
d. Acquit

Answer: Acquit 

Example: After examining the evidence carefully, the judge absolved the accused of all the blame for the accident which had claimed over twenty lives.

Question 19. Sanguine
a. Optimistic
b. Depressed
c. Pessimistic
d. Anxious

Answer: Optimistic

Example: Although the macroeconomic fundamentals appear to be somewhat better, the investors are not yet sanguine  about investing freely in stock market.

Question 20. Inane
a. Obstinate
b. Silly
c. Coward
d. Argumentative

Answer: Silly

Example: The minister’s inane remarks about employment generation failed to impress the youngsters who were present at the talk show.

Question 21. Bellicose
a. Combative
b. Virtuous
c. Sentimental
d. Grand

Answer: Combative

Example: The general should be careful of making bellicose statements regarding his country’s military might.

Question 22. Wily
a. Determined
b. Authoritarian
c. Sly
d. Fearless

Answer: Sly

Example: The fox is considered a wily animal that is able to defend itself successfully from the more ferocious predators.
Question 23. Obscure
a. Poor
b. Unclear
c. Relevant
d. Stubborn

Answer: Unclear

Example: The country’s official policy on illegal immigration has changed radically in the last few years, but the reasons for it still remain obscure to the people.

Question 24. Contemptuous
a. Naughty
b. Distinctive
c. Scornful
d. Anxious

Answer: Scornful

Example: The superior was contemptuous of his junior simply because she didn’t agree with all his thoughts.

Question 25. Meretricious
a. Tawdrily and Falsely Attractive
b. Full of Fun and Delight
c. Beneficial and Enriching
d. Having Pristine Origin

Answer: Tawdrily and Falsely Attractive 

Example: The critics claim that a lot of modern literature is meretricious and shallow.

Question 26. Poignant
a. Ridiculous
b. Ostentatious
c. Sad
d. Snooty

Answer: Sad

Example: The museum is a poignant reminder of those who fought valiantly for the nation and laid down their lives in the war.

Question 27. Reverie
a. Veracity
b. Resolve
c. Daydream
d. Awareness

Answer: Daydream

Example: The student was completely lost in reverie and didn’t even realize that the faculty had started discussing the topic.

Question 28. Intrepid
a. Gregarious
b. Fearless
c. Tentative
d. Impatient

Answer: Fearless

Example: A team of intrepid explorers is required to collate information about the species of flora and fauna that can be found in the interiors of Brazilian rainforests.

Question 29. Commotion
a. Felicitation
b. Cheer
c. Praise d. Disturbance

Answer: Disturbance 

Example: The arrival of the controversial activist created quite a commotion in the county and the law enforcement agencies had to be on their toes to avoid any untoward incident.

Question 30. Devout
a. Loyal
b. Impoverished
c. Exhausted
d. Disharmonious

Answer: Loyal 

Example: As soon as the yoga guru ventured into business, his devout followers became the firm’s most reliable customers.

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