24 May

Choosing the best SSC coaching institutes in Delhi is a major decision not only for students but for their parents as well. In yester years, there were only physical coaching centers, however with changing times there is a huge availability of digital platforms offering online mode for aspirants preparing for SSC (Staff Selection Commission) competitive exam.

How to choose a coaching institute for SSC exam preparations?

Go to any city of India and you will find thousands of coaching institutes acclaiming themselves to be the best one offering SSC exam preparation coaching to students. Since, everyone calls themselves the best among the rest, it becomes very difficult for the aspirants to choose the one that is actually the best.

Important Tip – When discussing success result of these institutes, never forget to ask for the total number of students who were enrolled with them. The overall success rate is important. If they say that 10 of our students have qualified the competitive exam, it is imperative to know out of how many students (10 out of 500 is not a good result).

In this article we will be focusing on the 5 qualities of a good SSC coaching institute –

1) Good coaching centers maintain an army of experienced faculties – Experienced faculties on average are more effective in raising student achievement than their less experienced counterparts. More the experience, more will be the tips and tricks that they can offer to their students, and more will be their experience with handling failures. It is important for the students to learn to embrace failure, because not every one will be able to crack a competitive exam in his first attempt.

2) Good coaching institutes comprehend the psychology of their students – Different human beings have different learning abilities, some are fast learners, some little bit slow, some find it difficult to study in big batches and need one to one attention. A coaching center with years of experience will be quick in analyzing students learning needs and will implement teaching strategies that suits them best.

3) Good coaching institutes are great at analyzing the performance of each of their students – In metro cities like Delhi, any good SSC coaching center will be having a batch of 100-200 students, which makes it difficult to analyze the performance of every student in a class. But, since it is an important part of teaching, these coaching centers judge the performance of their students through weekly or monthly tests. The faculty at such coaching centers understand the importance of student’s performance monitoring and based on such evaluations create the reports that is further forwarded to the parents.

4) Good coaching institutes never label their students – It is a universal truth that labelling students with tags like ‘good student’, ‘bad student’, ‘average student’ greatly affect their self-esteem. Yes, we have included ‘good student’ in this as well, since the regular use of such labels may make students over-confident and they might lose focus on studies. Hence, only an experienced institute with experienced faculty understand how and how much to appreciate their students. Appreciation motivates students and over-appreciation makes them over-confident, which is a negative trait when it comes to competitive exams. In addition, a great coaching provider don’t show partiality between its students; good, bad or average an institute’s main aim is to make their students good enough to pass their SSC competitive exam.

5) Good coaching institutes understand the importance of one-to-one counseling of their students – Only a good institute, a good faculty and parents understand the fact that preparing for a competitive exam like SSC is a stressful phase for any student. During this phase, students might face a lot of issues, not all are related to academic, issues like – feeling low, anxiety, fear and pressure of loosing might over power their confidence. During this, keeping a close watch on students is important, as these conditions sometimes break students to the point that they take unfortunate steps. Hence, counseling is imperative and it is important that institutes maintain a qualified counsellor for monitoring student’s behavior and provide quick solutions to them as and when required.

Besides the above-mentioned points, a good, experienced and result-oriented SSC coaching center must maintain high ethical standards, which include – offering regular sessions for students, never over charge, does not keep the best faculty for top batches only and most importantly never showcase manipulated results to fetch admissions.

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