04 Oct

It’s vital for candidates preparing for SSC CGL to know about some common mistakes they make during their preparation. Though most of the students prepare for the exam through regular classes or online coaching center, there are some mistakes they make inadvertently while preparing for the exams.

Preparing via Multiple Resources
Candidates should be very cautious about the study material they utilize for getting success in the exam. In case, you are preparing for SSC, avoid using different types of books and online resources. The best way is to get prepared by joining a coaching center and following their study material and guidance.

Overlooking Online Test Series
Since SSC CGL is a computer based exam, it is necessary that you acclimatize yourself to reading from the screen. Studying with a pen, paper, and books can certainly aid you in understanding the ideas and in speeding up your preparation. However you should not wait for the last moment to attempt online mock tests. The best way to get familiar with computerized testing interface is to sign up for a quality online mock test series.

Lack of Advance Preparation
For aspirants, proper planning is very crucial as it can save them from wasting valuable time. A lot depends on productive utilization of time. Time should be allocated judiciously to all four stages of preparation: concept building, practice, test taking and revision. From the date of release of recruitment notification only 75 to 80 days are available for the preparation of Tier-I exam. Therefore, one needs to choose a correct study plan covering all the relevant subject areas. The daily study plan should also include MCQ quizzes and practice tests.

Not Understanding the Exam Pattern
Many applicants begin preparing for the exam by joining a coaching institute. However, they only focus on covering the syllabus, which alone is not enough. During mock tests, they realize that the understanding of exam pattern is a must. Going through past year papers gives the applicant clear idea of the topic wise weightage, the type of questions and the overall difficulty level of the exam.

Focusing on Short Tricks Only
You must try to grasp the fundamentals along with shortcuts and quicker methods. Relying on shortcuts alone won’t see you through the exam. The shortcuts and time saving tricks are the icing on the cake. Strong fundamentals are the base of the cake and must not be neglected under any circumstance.

Preparing for Many Exams at One Time
Many aspirants prepare for numerous exams at the same time without knowing that each exam has a particular method to assess an aspirant. While some examinations are concept based, others are practice-based or analytical. In addition to it, different exams have different structures where candidates have to prepare for the next level after clearing the preliminary level. Preparing for the preliminary level of one exam and the final level of another can get things mixed up quite a bit.

Disregarding the Revision Part
Candidates must dedicate sufficient time for revision during the final stage of SSC CGL groundwork. Many aspirants ignore the revision part and later regret the same. It is recommended that one dedicates at least 18 to 20 hours of revision per subject. Despite working hard consistently, many have suffered during the exam because of lack of revision that resulted in reduced speed and poor information recall.

Not Preparing Notes
It is vital for students to make notes and review them frequently, especially for tough topics and GK. Study notes are useful learning tools that make the revision of important concepts easier and less time consuming.

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