20 Nov

As a Govt. job aspirant, vocabulary expansion is one of the most crucial aspects of Staff Selection Commission exam preparation. Of course, learning new words is a must for this task. Most aspirants begin the task by memorizing a standard word list, starting from the first letter. But this rarely proves to be a productive exercise because word lists can be quite daunting.

A better and more useful approach is focusing on high-frequency words. Being the Best SSC Coaching in Delhi & NCR, we follow this approach to help our students improve their vocabulary for competitive exams. Thus, we keep publishing Vocabulary quizzes based on words that have a high probability of being asked in the exam. Given below for your perusal is the latest word quiz created by our experts.

Quiz – Finding the Synonyms

Question 1. Unprecedented
a. Novel
b. Familiar
c. Tired
d. Hackneyed

Answer: Novel

Example: Financial inclusion schemes that were launched by the UPA govt. have proven to be an unprecedented success.

Question 2. Reprobate
a. Accept
b. Uncorrupt
c. Decline
d. Communicate

Answer: Decline

Example: Without any fear or hesitation Scarlett reprobated her neighbor’s indecent proposal.

Question 3. Vehement
a. Quietly
b. Forcefully
c. Dispassionate
d. Impassive

Answer: Forcefully

Example: The proposed legislation, which has prompted vehement criticism from the human rights commission, could still be approved by the senate.

Question 4. Salience
a. Silence
b. Miscreant
c. Strange
d. Prominence

Answer: Prominence

Example: The psychological impact of the salience of religion can be seen among not only the voters but also the political parties of the state.

Question 5. Onus
a. Burden
b. Adventure
c. Innocence
d. Winner

Answer: Burden

Example: The onus was on the manager who suggested the idea of aggressively promoting a weak brand.

Question 6. Vengeance
a. Consideration
b. Drama
c. Revenge
d. Love

Answer: Revenge

Example: As Prime Minister, Pt. Nehru never sought vengeance against those people who tried to undermine him during the British occupation of India.

Question 7. Acrimonious
a. Tender
b. Hopeful
c. Trusting
d. Bitter

Answer: Bitter

Example: There seems to be no end to the acrimonious Arab-Israel dispute which started more than five decades ago.

Question 8. Lackadaisical
a. Ambitious
b. Enterprising
c. Listless
d. Animated

Answer: Listless

Example: Feeling really lackadaisical because of the sweltering heat, the boys lazily tossed a basketball back and forth.

Question 9. Peccadillo
a. Honest
b. Offense
c. Heartfelt
d. Cruel

Answer: Offense

Example: Present day voters are much more tolerant of extra-marital peccadilloes by politicians as compared to voters of the 20th century.

Question 10. Shenanigans
a. Orderly
b. Constant
c. Mischief
d. Unnatural

Answer: Mischief

Example: Even the school authorities take a kind view of students engaging in harmless shenanigans on the final day of school.

Question 11. Laconic
a. Concise
b. Young
c. Involved
d. Explanatory

Answer: Concise

Example: The tennis star’s laconic replies suggested that she was not interested in discussing her personal life with the media.

Question 12. Louche
a. Communal
b. Near
c. Terrifying
d. Shameful

Answer: Shameful

Example: In the last couple of years, a number of louche nightclubs have sprung up in this seedy neighborhood.

Question 13. Indefatigable
a. Tireless
b. Normal
c. Final
d. Tricky

Answer: Tireless

Example: As an entrepreneur, one must be ready to work as an indefatigable laborer from sunrise to sunset.

Question 14. Slovenly
a. Astute
b. Ethical
c. Untidy
d. Frugal

Answer: Untidy

Example: For the sake of a rebellious image, the members of the rock band transformed themselves from well groomed lads to slovenly teenagers.

Question 15. Vulpine
a. Superior
b. Crafty
c. Troubling
d. Warm

Answer: Crafty

Example: As the cracker went off in the washroom, Jason gave a vulpine smile to his classmates.

Question 16. Pristine
a. Decent
b. Unspoiled
c. Shiny
d. Fortunate

Answer: Unspoiled

Example: In order to study wild animals in their natural habitat, the researcher is in search of a pristine jungle that hasn’t yet been subjected to deforestation.

Question 17. Presumptuous
a. Immodest
b. Alone
c. Unpopular
d. Awake

Answer: Immodest

Example: I hope they will not consider me presumptuous if I offer them some advice.

Question 18. Incredulous
a. Smug
b. Skeptical
c. Worried
d. Royal

Answer: Skeptical

Example: Being instinctively incredulous, my father is generally dismissive of any financial scheme that claims to offer exceptionally high return on investment.

Question 19. Nonchalance
a. Deception
b. Miserliness
c. Indifference
d. Enmity

Answer: Indifference

Example: With his usual nonchalance Nathan arrived at the auditorium half an hour after the show had started.

Question 20. Cantankerous
a. Diseased
b. Anxious
c. Doubtful
d. Bad-tempered

Answer: Bad-tempered

Example: As a kid, I was afraid of a fruit seller who looked quite scary and cantankerous.

Question 21. Autochthonous
a. Relieved
b. Complex
c. Native
d. Pale

Answer: Native

Example: The recently introduced African variety of fish has nearly wiped out the autochthonous species of freshwater fish found in the lake.

Question 22. Camaraderie
a. Fellowship
b. Judgment
c. Secrecy
d. Formality

Answer: Fellowship

Example: During my days as a student, there was not much camaraderie among members of our school band.

Question 23. Ignominy
a. Memory
b. Fidelity
c. Disgrace
d. Harmony

Answer: Disgrace

Example: The officer spent the last days of her life in ignominy after she was found guilty on charges of bribery and corruption.

Question 24. Lugubrious
a. Terrible
b. Sorrowful
c. Obvious
d. Gruff

Answer: Sorrowful

Example: The death of Mr. Rajiv Gandhi is one of the most lugubrious incidents in the history of independent India.

Question 25. Chivalrous
a. Debased
b. Ignoble
c. Courteous
d. Available

Answer: Courteous

Example: Being a chivalrous gentleman, Clark offered his coat to the old lady who was shivering with cold.

Question 26. Nescience
a. Exaggeration
b. Gloom
c. Ignorance
d. Fortune

Answer: Ignorance

Example: The nescience of today’s primary school students concerning current affairs and general awareness is quite appalling.

Question 27. Tumultuous
a. Uncivilized
b. Alike
c. Stormy
d. Attractive

Answer: Stormy

Example: The share price of the multinational FMCG firm was down 1 per cent after another tumultuous trading session at the stock market.

Question 28. Obfuscate
a. Confuse
b. Dig
c. Embarrass
d. Dislike

Answer: Confuse

Example: The latest legislation on consumer rights is more likely to obfuscate customers than to enlighten them.

Question 29. Reprehensible
a. Faithful
b. Blameworthy
c. Bold
d. Silent

Answer: Blameworthy

Example: The reprehensible autocrat, who oppressed the west Asia for over two decades, has at last been brought to book.

Question 30. Redoubtable
a. Facile
b. Formidable
c. Rebellious
d. Endless

Answer: Formidable

Example: The young wrestler’s final opponent, the current world champion, is going to be her most redoubtable adversary yet.

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