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Questions based on English language idioms are an integral part of all Staff Selection Commission Exams. However, one must put in concerted effort to be able to crack such questions and score some sure-shot marks. One look at past year papers makes it quite clear that there is a high probability of these questions getting repeated in the exam.

To help students learn some expected idioms, Vidya Guru Centre for SSC and Bank PO Coaching in Delhi has prepared a ready reckoner given below. This will be of great help to all serious aspirants who are going to appear in upcoming competitive exams.

Directions – Find the meaning of underlined Idioms in the Questions given below

Question 1: Although they remained polite towards one another, yet it was quite obvious that there was no love lost among them.
a. To stop paying attention
b. To be on unfriendly terms
c. To give up enmity
d. To develop harmony and coordination

Answer: To be on unfriendly terms

Question 2: All efforts to track down the infamous burglar proved to be a wild goose chase.
a. Long haul
b. Fruitless search
c. Challenging task
d. Narrow escape

Answer: Fruitless search

Question 3: The leader made no bones about her indifference towards the welfare of the people in the constituency.
a. Talk or do something openly
b. Blame others
c. Being in doubt
d. Being short of money

Answer: Talk or do something openly

Question 4: Nitya light-heartedly referred to breakfast as a Hobson’s choice between eggs & bacon and bacon & eggs.
a. Confusing choice
b. Absence of any real choice
c. Something bound to happen
d. A tempting offer

Answer: Absence of any real choice

Question 5: Young boys and girls aspiring to get a reputed Government job sat cheek by jowl attending lectures at Institute for the Best SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi & NCR
a. Close together
b. Distant
c. Engrossed
d. In between

Answer: Close together

Question 6: He comes across as a well-meaning individual, but you ought to take whatever he says with a pinch of salt.
a. With scepticism
b. With sarcasm
c. Without respect
d. Without attention

Answer: With scepticism

Question 7: The prince soon made ducks and drakes of the inheritance that was bequeathed to him by the royal family.
a. Collected
b. Donated
c. Wasted
d. Invested

Answer: Wasted

Question 8: Having purchased a new car, the couple decided to go the whole hog and adorn it with fancy accessories.
a. Eat uncontrollably
b. Do it fully
c. Trust someone blindly
d. Fail miserably

Answer: Do it fully

Question 9: The party’s mealy-mouthed spokespersons have been ineffective in the defence of their leader.
a. Afraid to speak plainly
b. Having a feeble appetite
c. A person of great character
d. A generous person

Answer: Afraid to speak plainly

Question 10: Florence Nightingale will always be remembered for her yeoman service as a nurse during the Crimean war.
a. Safekeeping
b. Courage
c. Excellent service
d. Philanthropy

Answer: Excellent service

Question 11: After all the chatter in the media, the award show proved to be a damp squib, with only a few people in the audience.
a. A complex problem
b. A highly disappointing outcome
c. A natural calamity
d. An innocent person

Answer: A highly disappointing outcome

Question 12: The burglar jumped down from the first floor of the building and showed the cops a clean pair of heels.
a. To make a lot of money
b. To run away quickly
c. To be really rich
d. To pursue someone nonstop

Answer: To run away quickly

Question 13: The news about the economy doing well is cold comfort to the youngsters who are unable to find gainful employment.
a. Grave insult
b. Limited consolation
c. Self praise
d. Tasteless food

Answer: Limited consolation

Question 14: You have feathered your own nest by leaking some highly classified information to our firm’s competitors.
a. Embellish one’s garden
b. Construct a makeshift house
c. Make profit through unfair means
d. Console yourself

Answer: Make profit through unfair means

Question 15: The gift of the gab is not the only trait that one needs in order to be successful in sales and marketing.
a. Freebie
b. Expensive choices
c. A thing of little value
d. Eloquence

Answer: Eloquence

Question 16: The drought was so tough on the gypsy people that they found it hard to keep the wolf from the door.
a. Avoid starvation
b. Seek compromise
c. Find wealth
d. Take cover

Answer: Avoid starvation

Question 17: The general asked his juniors to pore over the satellite images showing enemy’s military formations adjoining the border.
a. Tear down
b. Examine carefully
c. Neglect
d. Divide into pieces

Answer: Examine carefully

Question 18: At the board meeting, our articulate CEO used her words craftily to settle an old score with the non-executive chairman.
a. Prepare a forecast
b. Repay the loan
c. Hit back
d. Arrive at a compromise

Answer: Hit back

Question 19: It is unfortunate that many criminals get away scot-free because the law enforcement agencies are not able gather sufficient evidence.
a. To relax at length
b. To escape the deserved punishment
c. To destroy evidence
d. To cook up a story

Answer: To escape the deserved punishment

Question 20: My friends and I don’t see eye to eye on several issues concerning the nation.
a. Agree with someone
b. Threaten someone with dire consequences
c. Delegate the responsibility
d. Ascertain the truth

Answer: Agree with someone

Question 21: Pardon my French, but I really think you are acting dumb.
a. Pretending to apologize for using offensive words
b. Apologizing for being clumsy
c. Seeking an apology for being late
d. Expressing one’s inability to attend an event

Answer: Pretending to apologize for using offensive words

Question 22: As a rookie, I was directed by my supervisor to manage a pan-India project, which turned out to be nothing less than a baptism of fire.
a. Religious intolerance
b. Destroy something completely
c. Fear of the unknown
d. A highly difficult initial experience

Answer: A highly difficult initial experience

Question 23: Many people are condemned to live hand-to-mouth because of severe underemployment across the state.
a. Free from guilt
b. Hold something very dear
c. Hardly enough money to subsist on
d. Put in a lot of effort

Answer: Hardly enough money to subsist

Question 24: The guerrilla force has come under a cloud for mistreating the protestors who attended the demonstration last week.
a. Lost in confusion
b. Committing forgery
c. Suspected of a wrongdoing
d. Spread lies and misinformation

Answer: Suspected of a wrongdoing

Question 25: The people are not able to firmly make up their mind about Trump presidency as it is somewhat of a Curate’s egg.
a. Something embarrassing
b. A dishonest person
c. A multitalented individual
d. Having both good parts and bad

Answer: Having both good parts and bad

Question 26: Pakistan cricket team came up trumps during the final stage of the 1992 World Cup and became the champion.
a. Fail miserably
b. Save money for the future
c. Succeed against the odds
d. Reveal the truth

Answer: Succeed against the odds

27. My mother has promised me a handsome pocket money as a quid pro quo for helping her in daily chores.
a. Favouring one’s friends and relatives
b. Make an exchange
c. Pass cheap remarks
d. Make false claims

Answer: Make an exchange

28. Selling something you own at a dirt cheap price just because it doesn’t suit your taste is similar to throwing the baby out with the bath water.
a. Take all the necessary precaution
b. Draw the maximum value out of something
c. Do as one pleases
d. Discard the useful with the useless

Answer: Discard the useful with the useless

29. China’s growing influence in the Indian subcontinent is the elephant in the room that must no longer be ignored.
a. A great victory
b. Massive destruction
c. Popular opinion of the masses
d. An obvious major problem people avoid discussing

Answer: An obvious major problem people avoid discussing

30. Oscar Wilde seldom let go a chance to cock a snook at Victorian era English lifestyle.
a. Give the impression of all being well
b. Show contempt and disrespect
c. Convey your thoughts effectively
d. Visit someone without prior intimation

Answer: Show contempt and disrespect

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