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Sure Shot April 2019 GK by Bank Coaching in Delhi

In most Banking & SSC Exams questions pertaining to Current Affairs are based on the events of the last six months. You need to make well-guided efforts to prepare yourself for these questions. Without understanding the exam pattern and the type of questions asked it becomes really tough to score well in General Awareness section.

To make it easier for you, our GK experts keep publishing latest Current Affairs updates comprising expected exam questions. Ranked 1 on all major survey ratings for the Best SSC Coaching Institutes in Delhi in the last 4 years, Vidya Guru aims to provide quality learning content to students for competitive exam preparation. The result of the latest effort in this direction has been given below as an MCQ Quiz comprising 30 questions.

April 2019 Current GK Quiz

Question 1. Which of the following teams did Services defeat in the finals to win the Santosh Trophy Football tournament 2019?
a. Punjab
b. Railways
c. Kerala
d. Goa

Answer: Punjab

Question 2. Name the city that has been declared the World Book Capital 2019 by the UNESCO.
a. Pune, India
b. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
c. Athens, Greece
d. Sharjah, UAE

Answer: Sharjah, UAE

Question 3. Which of the following recently became the 1st public sector bank in the country to have met RBI’s EMV mandate?
a. Punjab National Bank
b. Punjab & Sind Bank
c. Canara Bank
d. Allahabad Bank

Answer: Canara Bank

Question 4. In the above question, what does EMV stand for?
a. Electronic, Money & Volume
b. Earnings, Money & Valuation
c. Europay, Master Card & Visa
d. Earnings, Margin & Value

Answer: Europay, Master Card & Visa

Question 5. When is the World Malaria Day observed annually across the world?
a. 24th April
b. 25th April
c. 26th  April
d. 27th  April

Answer: 25th  April

Question 6. The theme of the 2019 World Malaria Day was
a. Malaria Eradication by 2025
b. Fighting Malaria Tooth and Nail
c. Zero Malaria starts with me
d. Ensuring Malaria Prevention

Answer: Zero Malaria starts with me

Question 7. When was the World Immunization Week observed this year?
a. 21st  April to 27th  April
b. 22nd  April to 28th  April
c. 23rd  April to 29th  April
d. 24th  April to 30th  April

Answer: 24th  April to 30th  April

Question 8. The theme of World Immunization Week 2019 was
a. Ensuring Immunization: A Collective Responsibility
b. Protected Together: Vaccines Work
c. Live Healthy; Get Immunized
d. Complete Immunization: Every Child’s Birthright

Answer: Protected Together: Vaccines Work

Question 9. Varuna, a bilateral naval exercise, is going to be conducted in May 2019 off Goa Coast between the forces of India and
a. France
b. United Kingdom
c. Unites States of America
d. Australia

Answer: France

Question 10. Across the globe, the World Intellectual Property Day is observed on
a. 22nd  April
b. 23rd  April
c. 26th  April
d. 29th  April

Answer: 26th  April

Question 11. What is the motif on the reverse side of the new Greenish-Yellow Rs. 20 note that is going to be introduced in circulation shortly?
a. Mangalyaan Mission
b. Rani Ki Vav
c. Sanchi Stupa
d. Ellora Caves

Answer: Ellora Caves

Question 12. What was the venue of the recently concluded G-20 Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors meet?
a. Washington DC, USA
b. Abu Dhabi, UAE
c. Paris, France
d. Doha, Qatar

Answer: Washington DC, USA

Question 13. What are the dimensions of the new Rs. 20 note bearing the signature of RBI Governor Mr. Shaktikanta Das?
a. 60 mm X 127 mm
b. 61 mm X 129 mm
c. 63 mm X 129 mm
d. 65 mm X 131 mm

Answer: 63 mm X 129 mm

Question 14. Where is the next G-20 Finance Ministers & Central Bank Governors meeting going to be held in 2019?
a. Brussels, Belgium
b. Fukoka, Japan
c. Toronto, Canada
d. Shanghai, China

Answer: Fukoka, Japan

Question 15. Name the country that was ranked 1 on the World Press Freedom Index 2019.
a. Sweden
b. Norway
c. Switzerland
d. Finland

Answer: Norway

Question 16. What was India’s rank on the 2019 World Press Freedom Index?
a. 128
b. 134
c. 138
d. 140

Answer: 140

Question 17. Which of the following organizations publishes the World Press Freedom Index?
a. United Nations
b. World Economic Forum
c. Amnesty International
d. Reporters without Borders

Answer: Reporters without Borders

Question 18. On the recommendation of which committee, has RBI recently sold its entire stake in National Housing Bank & NABARD to the Govt. of India?
a. Narsimham Committee
b. Rangarajan Committee
c. Deepak Mohanty Committee
d. HR Khan Committee

Answer: Narsimham Committee

Question 19. When is the National Panchayati Raj Day observed?
a. 22nd  April
b. 24th  April
c. 25th  April
d. 27th  April

Answer: 24th  April

Question 20. Which of the following options is true with respect to the venues of G-20 summits?
a. 2019: Osaka, Japan
b. 2020: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
c. Both A & B
d. None of the Above

Answer: Both A & B

Question 21. Which of the following committees has been constituted by IRDA to review the micro-insurance regulatory framework in the country?
a. Suresh Mathur Committee
b. Sujay Banarji Committee
c. TS Vijayan Committee
d. Ajay Tyagi Committee

Answer: Suresh Mathur Committee

Question 22. RBI has extended the ombudsman scheme to non-deposit accepting NBFCs with a minimum asset size of
a. Rs. 50 Crores
b. Rs. 100 Crores
c. Rs. 150 Crores
d. Rs. 200 Crores

Answer: Rs. 100 Crores

Question 23. With which of the following banks is the NBFC Bharat Financial Inclusion going to merge?
a. Lakshmi Vilas Bank
b. South Indian Bank
c. IndusInd Bank
d. Federal Bank

Answer: IndusInd Bank

Question 24. Name the country that recently issued a special stamp based on the Ramayana to mark the 70th anniversary of its diplomatic relations with India.
a. Nepal
b. Thailand
c. Cambodia
d. Indonesia

Answer: Indonesia

Question 25. In a path breaking pilot project, which nation has launched the 1st malaria vaccine in the world?
a. South Africa
b. Nigeria
c. Malawi
d. Kenya

Answer: Malawi

Question 26. Name the pair of Indian shooters that recently bagged Gold in 10 metre mixed team Air Pistol event at ISSF Shooting World Cup recently.
a. Manu Bhaker & Saurabh Chaudhary
b. Apurvi Chandela & Saurabh Chaudhary
c. Manu Bhaker & Divyansh Panwar
d. Apurvi Chandela & Divyansh Panwar

Answer: Manu Bhaker & Saurabh Chaudhary

Question 27. India has met its financial year 2018-19 fiscal deficit target of
a. 3.3%
b. 3.4%
c. 3.5%
d. 3.6%

Answer: 3.4%

Question 28. Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) has tied up with which of the following banks for strengthening the BSE startup platform?
b. SBI
d. None of these

Answer: HDFC

Question 29. As per revised RBI norms, banks have been directed to disclose the bad loan divergences if the additional provisioning exceeds _____ of profit before provision & contingencies.
a. 8%
b. 10%
c. 12%
d. 15%

Answer: 10%

Question 30. Name the winner of the 2019 Hero Indian Super Cup football tournament.
a. Bengaluru FC
b. FC Goa
c. Chennaiyin FC
d. NorthEast United FC

Answer: FC Goa

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The above General Awareness Quiz covers significant questions based on April 2019 Current Affairs. In case of doubt or in order to seek guidance, do feel free to write in to us at vidyagurudelhi@gmail.com.

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