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Improving your vocabulary will undoubtedly brighten your chances of success in any aptitude based Competitive Exam. When it comes to Govt. Job Exams conducted by the Staff Selection Commission, SBI and IBPS the level of your vocabulary may even prove to be the deciding factor. Scoring well on questions based on synonyms, antonyms and word usage will definitely improve your rank on the merit list.

At Vidya Guru, the Institute for the Best SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi, we put a lot of emphasis on vocabulary improvement. From time to time, we bring quality Quizzes which help a student not only learn the meaning of new words but also their usage in a sentence. A quiz comprising some high level previous year questions has been given below.

Vocab Quiz (Synonyms)

Directions: From the options provided below, choose the word which is most similar in meaning.

Question 1. Languid
a. Adequate
b. Provoked
c. Relaxed
d. Underprivileged

Answer: Relaxed

Example: After a long day at work, she is going to take a languid walk through the nearby park.

Question 2. Uncouth
a. Smooth
b. Uncivilized
c. Admired
d. Timid

Answer: Uncivilized

Example: My mother is a strict disciplinarian and does not permit any uncouth behavior in the house.

Question 3. Pellucid
a. Pragmatic
b. Extensive
c. Appreciative
d. Clear

Answer: Clear

Example: The poet’s pellucid style of writing made it easy for the readers to understand her poetry.

Question 4. Coalesce
a. Visualize
b. Assurance
c. Unite
d. Instruct

Answer: Unite

Example: Many regional parties are expected to coalesce into the United Progressive Alliance and collectively fight the upcoming general elections.

Question 5. Extirpate
a. Procure
b. Eradicate
c. Desire
d. Decipher

Answer: Eradicate

Example: Only a strong pesticide can extirpate the insects from your garden.

Question 6. Repine
a. Struggle
b. Complain
c. Glance
d. Convey

Answer: Complain

Example: There is absolutely no point in your repining over the love that has been long lost.

Question 7. Replete
a. Charming
b. Unambiguous
c. Touching
d. Full

Answer: Full

Example: The history of mankind is replete with instances of a country going to the dogs because of jingoistic patriotism.

Question 8. Countenance
a. Expression
b. Signal
c. Decree
d. Tendency

Answer: Expression

Example: Despite the daily struggle to ensure the survival of her family, the young lady always maintained a dignified countenance.

Question 9. Asperity
a. Aspiration
b. Reverence
c. Harshness
d. Scheme

Answer: Harshness

Example: The manager addressed his juniors with asperity whenever they turned up late for work.

Question 10. Flabbergast
a. Discard
b. Astonish
c. Swell
d. Slam

Answer: Astonish

Example: The news of the actor’s sudden retirement has left his fans totally flabbergasted.

Question 11. Inscrutable
a. Silent
b. Rigid
c. Friendly
d. Enigmatic

Answer: Enigmatic

Example: In instances where the circumstantial evidence is lacking, some homicide cases remain inscrutable forever.

Question 12. Stalwart
a. Loyal
b. Aggravated
c. Definite
d. Precarious

Answer: Loyal

Example: Many of the queen’s stalwart bodyguards have died protecting her from repeated assassination attempts.

Question 13. Corroborate
a. Validate
b. Recognize
c. Excuse
d. Negate

Answer: Validate

Example: The newspaper can publish this story only if it is corroborated by some strong evidence.

Question 14. Arbiter
a. Physician
b. Judge
c. Instructor
d. Entertainer

Answer: Judge

Example: In general, arbiters try to help divorcing couples arrive at an amicable compromise.

Question 15. Opulent
a. Spiritual
b. Affluent
c. Blunt
d. Unscrupulous

Answer: Affluent

Example: Maintaining an opulent lifestyle may not be the best thing to do even for people who are associated with the showbiz industry.

Question 16. Salubrious
a. Dismal
b. Healthful
c. Lethargic
d. Bright

Answer: Healthful

Example: Green leafy vegetables are salubrious food items that provide essential vitamins and minerals to the body.

Question 17. Sublime
a. Alien
b. Conspicuous
c. Analogous
d. Magnificent

Answer: Magnificent

Example: After the sublime feast, the guests at the restaurant wanted to meet the chef so that they could give her their compliments.

Question 18. Scrumptious
a. Delicious
b. Intact
c. Hazardous
d. Pessimistic

Answer: Delicious

Example: Belgian chocolates are so scrumptious that most people find them hard to resist.

Question 19. Pugnacious
a. Detestable
b. Poisonous
c. Aggressive
d. Frigid

Answer: Aggressive

Example: At the press conference, the senator seemed to be in a pugnacious mood while speaking with the reporters.

Question 20. Arduous
a. Objectionable
b. Fascinating
c. Strange
d. Difficult

Answer: Difficult

Example: Playing the guitar does seem arduous at the start, but it becomes easier with practice.

Question 21. Halcyon
a. Supplementary
b. Peaceful
c. Astonishing
d. Creased

Answer: Peaceful

Example: I was very content during the halcyon days of my childhood.

Question 22. Innocuous
a. Cheerful
b. Engaged
c. Harmless
d. Abrupt

Answer: Harmless

Example: Vaccines are seldom as innocuous to the body as claimed by the pharmaceutical companies manufacturing them.

Question 23. Facile
a. Witty
b. Superficial
c. Hygienic
d. Jovial

Answer: Superficial

Example: Does it not seem rather facile to put all the blame on her mishandling of the situation?

Question 24. Distraught
a. Empty
b. Conventional
c. Upset
d. Fascinating

Answer: Upset

Example: The psychiatrist gave the distraught teenager a sleeping pill to help him get some rest.

Question 25. Punctilious
a. Fit
b. Charitable
c. Ceremonial
d. Diligent

Answer: Diligent

Example: She was really punctilious with regard to her role as an examiner.

Question 26. Demeanor
a. Disguise
b. Manner
c. Felony
d. Procedure

Answer: Manner      

Example: Jane’s disruptive demeanor got her suspended from the class for a month.

Question 27. Obfuscate
a. Humiliate
b. Excavate
c. Detest
d. Confuse

Answer: Confuse

Example: A loan agreement is generally filled with legal jargon to obfuscate the innocent applicants.

Question 28. Dogma
a. Creativity
b. Resemblance
c. Ideology
d. Zeal

Answer: Ideology

Example: A media house should strive to remain independent of any religious or political dogma.

Question 29. Germane
a. Swift
b. Relevant
c. Selective
d. Sleepy

Answer: Relevant

Example: The finance minister will respond only to those queries which are germane to the current union budget.

Question 30. Hapless
a. Unconcerned
b. Skinny
c. Nominal
d. Unfortunate

Answer: Unfortunate

Example: Many hapless store owners committed suicide as they were unable to weather the recent financial crisis.

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