27 Jun

Many Govt. Job Exam aspirants consider vocabulary improvement to be a task that is limited to learning the meaning of a word. Some aspirants go a step further and memorize the synonyms and antonyms of the words they have learnt. However, this isn’t enough as the exam has questions based on verbal usage, where one must know how to use words and frame meaningful sentences.

Keeping this in mind the experts from Vidya Guru, widely regarded as one of the Best SSC Coaching Institutes in Delhi NCR, consistently publish on Youtube Video Lectures that focus on both word meanings and verbal usage. In fact, Vocabulary Quizzes that supplement these lectures are also made available on this portal. The latest among these quizzes has been given below for your careful perusal.

Vocabulary Quiz: High Level

Question: 1. Winsome
a. Truthful
b. Victorious
c. Innocent
d. Charming

Answer: Charming

Example: The young girl slowly opened her eyes and gave her father a winsome smile.

Question: 2. Otiose
a. Corpulent
b. Futile
c. Gloomy
d. Senseless

Answer: Futile

Example: As Nancy hasn’t read the report, I think it will be otiose to ask her what she thinks of it.

Question: 3. Menagerie
a. Exhibition
b. Duplicity
c. Hunger
d. Fatigue

Answer: Exhibition 

Example: The brave hunter presented the tiger skin to the queen, who put it in her menagerie.

Question: 4. Desiderate
a. Consider
b. Slice
c. Wish
d. Respect

Answer: Wish

Example: There remains a wide gulf between what the voters desiderate and what they finally get.

Question: 5. Pococurante
a. Coward
b. Impatient
c. Indifferent
d. Excited

Answer: Indifferent

Example: The hospital administration’s pococurante attitude towards post-operative care is the reason behind the increasing death rate in elderly patients.

Question: 6. Parvenu
a. Inexperienced
b. Upstart
c. Disobedient
d. Confused

Answer: Upstart

Example: After winning the lottery, the young parvenu left his corporate job to pursue his interest in classical music.

Question: 7. Shenanigans
a. Complexity
b. Greed
c. Flattery
d. Mischief

Answer: Mischief

Example: The MD of the firm had to resign because her financial shenanigans were exposed by the media.

Question: 8. Quaint
a. Idealistic
b. Trivial
c. Old-fashioned
d. Thoughtful

Answer: Old-fashioned

Example: Concepts like welfare state have started sounding quaint in today’s capitalistic system.

Question: 9. Perfidious
a. Deceitful
b. Distant
c. Intricate
d. Elongated

Answer: Deceitful

Example: The valiant king lost the battle because he was betrayed by a perfidious ally.

Question: 10. Reify
a. Realize
b. Serve
c. Glorify
d. Untangle

Answer: Realize

Example: Dissections performed on dead bodies helped scientists reify the structure and function of our internal organs.

Question: 11. Vanward
a. Secretive
b. Advanced
c. Unemotional
d. Well-built

 Answer: Advanced

Example: A man ought to be only partially ahead of his time because if one is completely to the vanward in aspirations, one loses sync with the society.

Question: 12. Picayune
a. Rural
b. Dynamic
c. Trivial
d. Broken

Answer: Trivial

Example: Compared to the misery faced by those living in war-torn areas, our own difficulties seem quite picayune.

Question: 13. Myrmidon
a. Beast
b. Follower
c. Coward
d. Leader

Answer: Follower

Example: Under the guidance of their spiritual leader, the myrmidons were ready to travel across the world and enlist more people in their cult.

Question: 14. Imbroglio
a. Quandary
b. Confusion
c. Restlessness
d. Poverty

Answer: Quandary

Example: Can this water sharing treaty end the imbroglio that has been the reason for discord among the southern states since independence?

Question: 15. Expiate
a. Blame
b. Atone
c. Forget
d. Assist

Answer: Atone

Example: Even a hardened criminal should be allowed to expiate his sins and become a reformed person.

Question: 16. Éclat
a. Brilliance
b. Significance
c. Authority
d. Contemplation

Answer: Brilliance

Example: I think we will be able to raise a significant amount of money if we conduct a fundraiser with éclat.

Question: 17. Fillip
a. Hindrance
b. Praise
c. Decoration
d. Stimulus

Answer: Stimulus

Example: A win at the Asian level is going to provide a much-needed fillip to the morale of our hockey team.

Question: 18. Burnish
a. Prove
b. Fight
c. Polish
d. Dupe

Answer: Polish

Example: He is a clever leader who will not refrain from taking advantage of any occasion in order to burnish his public image.

Question: 19. Descry
a. Argue
b. Notice
c. Explain
d. Bless

Answer: Notice

Example: When she raised her eyes, she descried a handsome man walking towards her.

Question: 20. Fulminate
a. Expect
b. Criticize
c. Arrange
d. Doubt

Answer: Criticize

Example: A recent editorial in one of the most prestigious news magazines of the country has fulminated against the proposed increase in income tax rates.

Question: 21. Hackneyed
a. Clichéd
b. Robust
c. Affluent
d. Refreshing

Answer: Clichéd

Example: Almost all the reviewers have criticized the movie because of its hackneyed plot and poor cinematography.

Question: 22. Immure
a. Reject
b. Gather
c. Acclimatize
d. Confine

Answer: Confine

Example: As the mental health of Jane’s brother deteriorated, his doctors decided to immure him in a lunatic asylum.

Question: 23. Pejorative
a. Stingy
b. Deficient
c. Belittling
d. Intimidating

Answer: Belittling

Example: None of our leaders likes being called a ‘demagogue’ because it has a pejorative connotation.

Question: 24. Demarche
a. Agreement
b. Discussion
c. Parade
d. Maneuver

Answer: Maneuver

Example: Israel’s foreign policy demarches have so far been unable to resolve the West Asia crisis.

Question: 25. Inculpate
a. Portray
b. Accuse
c. Examine
d. Deceive

Answer: Accuse

Example: An unidentified person placed the revolver in Hector’s room in order to inculpate him.

Question: 26. Turpitude
a. Depravity
b. Innocence
c. Integrity
d. Strength

Answer: Depravity

Example: Severe punishment must be given to those guilty of committing crimes of moral turpitude.

Question: 27. Peculate
a. Estimate
b. Shorten
c. Embezzle
d. Overpower

Answer: Embezzle

Example: Voters of the state did not support the mayor during re-election as they believed he had peculated the public money meant for social welfare.

Question: 28. Objurgate
a. Recommend
b. Scold
c. Confiscate
d. Encourage

Answer: Scold

Example: The old lady objurgated her eldest son for going against the wishes of his father

Question: 29. Recusant
a. Supporter
b. Inadmissible
c. Fatuous
d. Rebel

Answer: Rebel

Example: Political recusants across the country are looking for the right opportunity to corner the Government and score some brownie points with young voters.

Question: 30. Inure
a. Accustom
b. Beg
c. Imprison
d. Cancel

Answer: Accustom

Example: The hardships that he had to face as a cadet undergoing training in the army inured him to the rigors of guerilla warfare.

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