11 Nov

IBPS PO exam has 5 sections and each of these has a sectional cut off. This means that each section of the exam has to be cleared separately. A good aggregate score alone can’t take you to the interview stage. If you miss the cut off for even one section, you will not get an interview call. Thus, it is essential that you score well on each section.

However, quite often, students are unaware as to how exactly they should go about preparing for the English language section. A significant number of students turn out to be unsuccessful in the exam because they are not able to clear the cut off for this section. Systematic planning is required to ensure that such a thing does not happen. In this regard, taking into consideration the following aspects can be of great benefit:

  • Increasing your Reading Speed: Reading comprehension passages are a regular feature in IBPS PO. Being an online exam, IBPS PO requires you to read from a computer screen. It is a scientifically proven fact that reading speed goes down when you are reading from the screen. Emphasis must be given to practicing reading at a brisk speed without letting it compromise your level of understanding. If your understanding of the text decreases, then it will bring down the accuracy and be counterproductive.
  • Improving your Vocabulary: Vocabulary based questions such as synonyms and antonyms have a definite place in IBPS PO. The focus of the exam is on contextual vocabulary. Hence, you will see vocabulary based questions being asked from within the comprehension passage itself. Certain words are given in the bold in the passage and you have to choose the respective synonyms or antonyms. Overall, you can score some easy marks in the exam, that too in little time, if you pay proper attention to vocabulary improvement.
  • Honing your Grammatical Skills: Grammar is the code of any language; the body of rules which governs sentence construction. Understanding of grammatical rules is an absolute must. Learning the application of these rules will help you in tackling questions based on sentence errors and sentence improvement. In order to score well on these questions, you must study in detail the following topics of English grammar:
  1. Nouns & Articles
  2. Pronouns
  3. Tenses
  4. Modifiers (Adjectives, Adverbs, Phrases & Clauses)
  5. Subject Verb Agreement
  6. Phrasal Verbs & Prepositions
  • Strengthening your Verbal Ability: Fill in the blanks & close test can be handled comfortably only when you strengthen your verbal ability. Knowledge of word meanings alone is not sufficient; you must also know how words are used in sentences. The ability to choose words which are most appropriate to express the intended meaning of the sentence will help you increase your accuracy in both fill in the blanks & close test.
  • Understanding Paragraph Construction: Comprehending the fundamentals of paragraph construction is the key to solving sentence rearrangement and paragraph completion questions. Sentence rearrangement questions require the sentences to be sequenced in the right order so as to make a meaningful paragraph. Whereas, in paragraph completion questions you have to find out the sentence which will come either at the end of the paragraph or somewhere in between to complete it.

Conclusion: Recognizing the significance of the above mentioned aspects will take your preparation for English language section in the right direction. However, it is seen that, at times, students are not able to master all these aspects themselves so they may require the help of a bank coaching centre or seek expert guidance from the faculty at bank exam coaching in Delhi.

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