24 Jan

newsThe general knowledge section of exams conducted by SSC has questions from both current affairs and static affairs. Although the significance of static affairs is higher, yet current affairs should not be neglected by exam aspirants. Thus, keeping oneself updated is a must.

To highlight the exam relevant developments which have taken place this month, the Institute for Best SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi has prepared this question set. This set contains some expected questions chosen by Vidya Guru Faculty members.

Expected Exam Questions

  1. Where did the National Conference on e-Governance take place recently?
    a. Mumbai
    b. Hyderabad
    c. Bengaluru
    d. Visakhapatnam

Answer: Visakhapatnam

  1. Who has written the book “Bose: An Indian Samurai”?
    a. Ramachandra Guha
    b. Deepak Kapoor
    c. K C Cariappa
    d. G D Bakshi

Answer: G D Bakshi.

  1. At the Golden Globes awards 2017, which film was adjudged the best motion picture (drama)?
    a. La La Land
    b. Moonlight
    c. Elle
    d. Twilight

Answer: Moonlight

  1. India International Exchange, which is the 1st international stock exchange of our country, has come up in
    a. Hyderabad
    b. Bengaluru
    c. Surat
    d. Gandhinagar

Answer: Gandhinagar

  1. Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani died recently. He was the ex-president of
    a. Malaysia
    b. Turkey
    c. Iran
    d. Kuwait

Answer: Iran

  1. ISRO has recently signed an agreement with CNES on satellite launch technology. CNES is the space agency of
    a. USA
    b. France
    c. China
    d. UK

Answer: France

  1. Where did the National conference “Jal Manthan-III” take place recently?
    a. New Delhi
    b. Nagpur
    c. Kolkata
    d. Jaipur

Answer: New Delhi

  1. Mario Soares died recently. He was the ex-president of
    a. Spain
    b. Portugal
    c. Italy
    d. Argentina

Answer: Portugal

  1. FIFA men’s player of the year 2016 award has been won by
    a. Neymar
    b. Lionel Messi
    c. Arjen Robben
    d. Cristiano Ronaldo

Answer: Cristiano Ronaldo

  1. Where has the country’s largest public wi-fi service been launched recently?
    a. Andhra Pradesh
    b. Maharashtra
    c. Goa
    d. Gujarat

Answer: Maharashtra

  1. The National Youth Festival 2017 was recently held in
    a. Uttar Pradesh
    b. Gujarat
    c. Bihar
    d. Haryana

Answer: Haryana

  1. Global Risks Report 2017 was released recently. This report is released annually by
    a. World Bank
    b. IMF
    c. United Nations Conference on Trade & Development
    d. World Economic Forum

Answer: World Economic Forum

  1. Who has written the book “My Odyssey: Memoirs of the Man behind the Mangalyaan Mission”?
    a. K Kasturirangan
    b. K Radhakrishnan
    c. Jayant Narlikar
    d. G. Madhavan Nair

Answer: K Radhakrishnan

  1. What according to World Bank’s latest estimate will be the growth rate of India’s GDP for the fiscal year 2016-17?
    a. 6.6%
    b. 6.8%
    c. 7%
    d. 7.2%

Answer: 7%

  1. The World Economic Forum 2017 meet was recently held in
    a. China
    b. Switzerland
    c. Canada
    d. Sweden

Answer: Switzerland

  1. Which of the following has become the 1st nation in the world to shut down FM radio broadcast?
    a. Norway
    b. Spain
    c. Portugal
    d. Hong Kong

Answer: Norway

  1. The Nobel Prize Series India 2017 has recently started in which state?
    a. Maharashtra
    b. Assam
    c. Gujarat
    d. Punjab

Answer: Gujarat

  1. Name the new President of Nicaragua.
    a. Nana Akufo Addo
    b. Robert Mugabe
    c. Daniel Ortega
    d. Edgar Lungu

Answer: Daniel Ortega

  1. Which of the following countries is going to organize the “Festival of India”?
    a. Cambodia
    b. Vietnam
    c. France
    d. Ghana

Answer: Ghana

  1. INS Khanderi is a/an
    a. Recovery vessel
    b. Aircraft carrier
    c. Torpedo launch vessel
    d. Submarine

Answer: Submarine

  1. Where is Chhabra thermal power plant located?
    a. Rajasthan
    b. Bihar
    c. Chhattisgarh
    d. Jharkhand

Answer: Rajasthan

  1. Roman Herzog died recently. He was the ex-president of
    a. Austria
    b. Germany
    c. Portugal
    d. Norway

Answer: Germany

  1. Who among the following has been recently appointed chairman of Tata Sons?
    a. Arun Sarin
    b. Natarajan Chandrasekaran
    c. Ishaat Hussain
    d. Indra Nooyi

Answer: Natarajan Chandrasekaran

  1. What is the name of India’s first solar powered boat?
    a. Sarthi
    b. Arjun
    c. Karan
    d. Aditya

Answer: Aditya

  1. What is the name of Karan Johar’s autobiography?
    a. Prince of Bollywood
    b. A Suitable Boy
    c. An Unsuitable Boy
    d. Director’s Choice

Answer: An Unsuitable Boy

  1. Where is the first gender literature festival of the world going to be organized?
    a. Turkey
    b. India
    c. Bangladesh
    d. Malaysia

Answer: India

  1. Who has been recently elected President of Gambia?
    a. Michelle Bachelet
    b. Uhuru Kenyatta
    c. Adama Barrow
    d. Joseph Kabila

Answer: Adama Barrow

  1. Which team has recently won the Ranji Trophy 2016-17?
    a. Delhi
    b. Haryana
    c. Gujarat
    d. Karnataka

Answer: Gujarat

  1. Where have the Khelo India National-level Sports Competitions been inaugurated recently?
    a. Rohtak
    b. Kochi
    c. Delhi
    d. Jaipur

Answer: Delhi

  1. Name the winner of Vodafone Premier Badminton League 2017.
    a. Chennai Smashers
    b. Bengaluru Blasters
    c. Mumbai Rockets
    d. Delhi Acers

Answer: Chennai Smashers

  1. What according to IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook report is India’s GDP growth estimate for the financial year 2016-17?
    a. 6.2%
    b. 6.4%
    c. 6.6%
    d. 7%

Answer: 6.6%

  1. CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research. Name the country that has recently become an associate member of CERN.
    a. Sri Lanka
    b. India
    c. Nepal
    d. Myanmar

Answer: India

  1. Antonio Tajani has been elected President of the European Parliament. He belongs to
    a. Turkey
    b. France
    c. Italy
    d. Belgium

Answer: Italy

  1. Name the writer of the book “Jinnah Often Came to Our House”.
    a. G Parthasarthy
    b. Ramachandra Guha
    c. Kiran Doshi
    d. Ruskin Bond

Answer: Kiran Doshi

  1. India’s rank on the 2017 Inclusive Development Index released by the World Economic Forum is
    a. 74th
    b. 68th
    c. 62nd
    d. 60th

Answer: 60th

As a hopeful aspirant attending Coaching for SSC in Delhi, the above question set will help you gain a better perspective of what to expect in the exam. In fact, it will help you in preparation for other competitive exams as well, such as Bank PO & Clerk conducted by IBPS and SBI.


General awareness is a highly significant area for all Govt. Job exams. When it comes to Banking & SSC exams, the understanding of current affairs can prove to be the game changer for an exam aspirant. To know more about how you can better your score on GK section, you can write to vidyagurudelhi@gmail.com and get in touch with our expert faculty.

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