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General Knowledge section is an integral part of all competitive exams including IBPS PO exam. Candidates preparing for such exams must be aware of the type of current affairs and general knowledge questions set by the examiners. Whether you are studying through online videos or attending a regular class, you must go through common general knowledge questions to strengthen the knowledge of current affairs. The expert team of Vidya Guru has come up with the following frequently asked questions to help you out.

Question 1: Which of the below nations does not come under Melanesia area in the Pacific Ocean?
a. Vanuatu
b. Solomon Islands
c. Fiji
d. Kiribati

Answer: Kiribati

Question 2: Lines on a map depicting equal rainfall are known as
a. Isohyets
b. Isopleths
c. Isonephs
d. Isobaths

Answer: Isohyets

Question 3: Name the Monastery identified as Galden Namgey Lhatse.
a. Tawang Monastery
b. Shaolin Monastery
c. Bomdila Monastery
d. Rumtek Monastery

Answer: Tawang Monastery

Question 4: Which of the following isn’t related to the World Trade Organization (WTO)?
a. Trade Related Intellectual Property Rights
b. GATT (General Agreement on Trade and Services)
c. Multilateral Agreement on Investment
d. Agreement on Agriculture

Answer: Multilateral Agreement on Investment

Question 5: In history, the shortest war was fought between which two sovereign countries?
a. Denmark & UK
b. Britain & Zanzibar
c. Britain & France
d. Italy & France

Answer: Britain & Zanzibar

Question 6: Which of the following canals is known to be a significant link between the developed nations and the developing nations?
a. Grand Canal
b. Panama Canal
c. Kiel Canal
d. Suez Canal

Answer: Suez Canal

Question 7: The accurate order of Indian sea ports from “South to North” is
a. Calicut→ Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Mangalore
b. Cochin →Thiruvananthapuram→Calicut→Mangalore
c. Thiruvananthapuram→ Calicut→ Mangalore→ Cochin
d. Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Calicut→ Mangalore

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram→ Cochin→ Calicut→ Mangalore

Question 8: Which of the below states didn’t belong to areas under the control of Vijayanagar ruler Krishnadeva Raya?
a. Maharashtra
b. Kerala
c. Odisha
d. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Maharashtra

Question 9: The prime minister of India can’t participate in voting on a No-confidence motion against his / her government if he / she __:
a. has minority in Rajya Sabha
b. leads a coalition government
c. forbidden by speaker of Lok Sabha
d. is a member of Rajya Sabha

Answer: is a member of Rajya Sabha

Question 10: Which of the below isn’t an equatorial harvest?
a. Banana
b. Rubber
c. Coconut
d. Oil Palm

Answer: Banana

Question 11: Which of the following isn’t a petrochemical center of India?
a. Mangalore
b. Jamnagar
c. Koyali
d. Rourkela

Answer: Rourkela

Question 12: Myanmar doesn’t share its international boundary with
a. Thailand
b. Laos
c. India
d. Vietnam

Answer: Vietnam

Question 13: Name the first Indian (post-independence) to have attained a medal in an individual Olympic occurrence.
a. K D Jadhav
b. Dhyanchand
c. Harishchandra Birajdar
d. Prithipal Singh

Answer: K D Jadhav

Question 14: According to whom is Democracy a “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”?
a. Plato
b. Abraham Lincoln
c. Aristotle
d. Ruskin

Answer: Abraham Lincoln

Question 15: The poorest conductor of temperature in comparison to other choices is
a. Silver
b. Lead
c. Copper
d. Mercury

Answer: Lead

Question 16: Which of the below statements isn’t true?
a. Rice is a commercial crop of Orissa
b. Groundnut is a major Kharif crop of Gujarat
c. Coffee is an important plantation crop of Karnataka
d. Meghalaya is a key pineapple producing state of India

Answer: Rice is a commercial crop of Orissa

Question 17: The size of Rs. 2000 currency note is
a. 68 mm X 150 mm
b. 68 mm X 166 mm
c. 66 mm X 166 mm
d. 66 mm X 152 mm

Answer: 66 mm X 166 mm

Question 18: Which of the following is the essential element for batteries used in electric cars?
a. Magnesium
b. Lithium
c. Sodium
d. Bromine

Answer: Lithium

Question 19: Which of the below nations isn’t related to BIMSTEC?
a. China
b. Nepal
c. Myanmar
d. Bhutan

Answer: China

Question 20: How many Indian presidents until now have been chosen unopposed?
a. One
b. Two
c. Three
d. Four

Answer: Two

Question 21: Which of the following is a passive investment instrument?
a. Gold ETFs
b. Mutual Funds
c. Preference shares
d. Stocks

Answer: Gold ETFs

Question 22: To whom among the following is Duty Drawback Scheme offered?
a. Importers
b. Exporters
c. Wholesalers
d. Retailers

Answer: Exporters

Question 23: Which of the below currencies doesn’t comprise SDR (Special Drawing Rights) Currency Basket?
a. British Pound
b. Indian Rupee
c. Japanese Yen
d. Chinese Renminbi

Answer: Indian Rupee

Question 24: Which is the 1st paper currency supplied by RBI?
a. Rs. 1 Note
b. Rs. 2 Note
c. Rs. 5 Note
d. Rs. 100 Note

Answer: Rs. 5 Note

Question 25: Name the industry that isn’t included in the Index of 8 Core Industries.
a. Crude Oil
b. Electricity
c. Pharmaceuticals
d. Natural Gas

Answer: Pharmaceuticals

Question 26: The Vice-President of India is:
a. elected by the members of Rajya Sabha
b. nominated by the President
c. chosen by the members of the electoral college comprising members of both Houses of Parliament
d. None of the above

Answer: chosen by the members of the electoral college comprising members of both Houses of Parliament

Question 27: Name the state that isn’t included in the 6th schedule of the Indian Constitution.
a. Tripura
b. Meghalaya
c. Mizoram
d. Manipur

Answer: Manipur

Question 28: Which of the following isn’t correctly matched with respect to India?
a. Panthera tigris : National Animal
b. Pavo cristatus : National Bird
c. Mangifera indica : National Fruit
d. None of these

Answer: None of these

Question 29: Which of the below places isn’t a location for currency note printing press in India?
a. Nasik
b. Salboni
c. Mysuru
d. Jhansi

Answer: Jhansi

Question 30: From which part of the plant is ‘Saffron’ obtained?
a. Stigma
b. Lamina
c. Stamen
d. Anther

Answer: Stigma

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