29 May

May 2019 GK Quiz

Now that Staff Selection Commission has announced the last year’s CGL Examination dates, the schedule of recruitment for all Govt. Jobs will become streamlined. In such a scenario, the Lakhs of candidates waiting for the release of vacancies won’t have much time on their hands. The competition is expected to become much tougher as compared to past years.

Thus, preparing methodically for the exam becomes all the more critical. Getting guidance from experts at Vidya Guru, the Best SSC Coaching Institute in Delhi and NCR, automatically ensures that you are headed in the right direction. Poring over the Quiz given below will take you further and help you analyze the type of Questions that appear in the Exam.

Current GK May 2019 Quiz

Question 1. Scott Morrison has been re-elected Prime Minister of

  1. New Zealand
  2. Ireland
  3. Canada
  4. Australia

Answer: Australia                                                                           

Question 2. Which team did Mumbai Indians defeat in the finals to win the IPL 2019 Championship?

  1. Kings XI Punjab
  2. Sunrisers Hyderabad
  3. Chennai Super Kings
  4. Kolkata Knight Riders

Answer: Chennai Super Kings

Question 3. Name the Indian company that is going to be the Principal sponsor of the Afghanistan Cricket Team in 2019 ICC World Cup.

  1. Hero Motocorp
  2. Amul
  3. Parle
  4. Godrej Industries

Answer: Amul

Question 4. Name the British Toymaker that was acquired recently by Reliance Industries.

  1. Hamleys
  2. Lego
  3. Mattel
  4. Fisher-Price

Answer: Hamleys

Question 5. With which of the following countries did India participate in Group Sail, a naval exercise that took place recently in the South China Sea?

  1. USA
  2. Japan
  3. Philippines
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Question 6. Cyclone Fani recently hit Odisha & West Bengal. What does ‘Fani’ mean?

  1. Bear’s Paw
  2. Snake’s hood
  3. Elephant’s tusk
  4. Lion’s Mane

Answer: Snake’s Hood

Question 7. Which of the following is true with respect to the 2019 IPL Championship?

  1. Sunrisers Hyderabad: Fairplay Award
  2. Andre Russell: Most Valuable Player / Man of the Series
  3. Shubman Gill: Emerging Player of the Year
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Question 8. Who is the Chairman of the 15th Finance Commission?

  1. Arvind Subramanian
  2. C Rangarajan
  3. Nand Kishore Singh
  4. Arvind Panagariya

Answer: Nand Kishore Singh

Question 9. ‘Game Changer’ is the autobiography of which of the following cricketers?

  1. Imran Khan
  2. Shahid Afridi
  3. Gautam Gambhir
  4. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Answer: Shahid Afridi                                                                    

Question 10. A Rs. 700 Crore venture capital fund for agriculture & rural startups has been recently launched by

  1. IDBI
  2. Nabventures
  3. SIDBI
  4. SEBI

Answer: Nabventures                                                                     

Question 11. Where did the WTO ministerial meet of developing nations take place recently?

  1. Brussels
  2. Paris
  3. New Delhi
  4. Davos

Answer: New Delhi

 Question 12. The 16th UN Day of Vesak celebrations were held recently in

  1. Ha Nam, Vietnam
  2. Kathmandu, Nepal
  3. Colombo, Sri Lanka
  4. Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Answer: Ha Nam, Vietnam

Question 13. Apart from Kilogram (for Mass), the definition of which of the following SI Units of measurement was changed recently?

  1. Kelvin (for Temperature)
  2. Ampere (for Current)
  3. Mole (for Amount of Substance)
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Question 14. Who among the following recently became the Chief Minister of Sikkim?

  1. Conrad Sangma
  2. Prem Singh Tamang
  3. T.R. Zelinag
  4. Kiren Rijiju

Answer: Prem Singh Tamang

Question 15. Jaganmohan Reddy of YSR Congress party has been sworn in as the Chief Minister of

  1. Andhra Pradesh
  2. Karnataka
  3. Telangana
  4. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Andhra Pradesh                                                               

Question 16. Jokha Alharthi has won the Man Booker International Prize for which of the following books?

  1. The Pine Islands
  2. Love In The New Millennium
  3. Celestial Bodies
  4. The Years

Answer: Celestial Bodies

Question 17. Name the microwave earth observation satellite that was successfully launched by ISRO using PSLV C-46 as the vehicle.

  1. RISAT-1A
  2. RISAT-1B
  3. RISAT-2A
  4. RISAT-2B

Answer: RISAT-2B

Question 18. RISAT-2B is going to deliver its services in the areas of disaster management, agriculture, and forestry. What does RISAT stand for?

  1. Reconnaissance Information Satellite
  2. Radiation Imagery Satellite
  3. Radar Imaging Satellite
  4. Rapid Intimation Satellite

Answer: Radar Imaging Satellite                                                    

Question 19. Cyril Ramaphosa has been re-elected President of

  1. Nigeria
  2. South Africa
  3. Libya
  4. Kenya

Answer: South Africa                                                                     

Question 20. Which of the following teams recently won the Hero Indian Women’s League football championship?

  1. Manipur Police
  2. Chennai City FC
  3. Panjim Footballers
  4. Sethu FC

Answer: Sethu FC                                                                          

Question 21. Name the 1st state in India that has tapped into the international financial market by issuing Masala bonds (rupee-denominated bonds).

  1. Kerala
  2. Gujarat
  3. Karnataka
  4. Maharashtra

Answer: Kerala

Question 22. National Sample Survey Office and Central Statistical Office are going to merge to form the

  1. National Statistical Commission
  2. Indian Statistical Commission
  3. Central Statistical Commission
  4. National Statistical Office

Answer: National Statistical Office

Question 23. ‘Coming Round the Mountain’ is a book written by

  1. Vikram Seth
  2. Chetan Bhagat
  3. Ruskin Bond
  4. Salman Rushdie

Answer: Ruskin Bond

Question 24. Which of the following has become the 1st Indian bank to link its interest rates with the Repo rate?

  1. State Bank of India
  2. ICICI
  3. Punjab National bank
  4. HDFC

Answer: State Bank of India

Question 25. When is the World Telecommunication & Information Society Day observed annually across the world?

  1. 3rd May
  2. 17th May
  3. 22nd May
  4. 23rd May

Answer: 17th May

Question 26. Apurvi Chandela is associated with which of the following sports?

  1. Wrestling
  2. Shooting
  3. Boxing
  4. Badminton

Answer: Shooting

Question 27. Which of the following pairs is correct in relation to the 2019 CEAT cricket awards?

  1. Aaron Finch: International T-20 Player of the Year
  2. Rohit Sharma: International ODI Cricketer of the Year
  3. Virat Kohli: Batsman & International Cricketer of the Year Award
  4. All of the above

Answer: All of the above                                                                

Question 28. Name the German company that is going to collaborate with India for issuance of PAN cards.

  1. Wirecard
  2. Easy money
  3. Payeasy
  4. Cardpay

Answer: Wirecard                                                                           

Question 29. What was the venue of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Defence Ministers meeting that was held recently?

  1. Tashkent, Uzbekistan
  2. Beijing, China
  3. Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan
  4. Minsk, Belarus

Answer: Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan                                                         

Question 30. When is the World Thalassaemia Day observed?

  1. 2nd May
  2. 8th May
  3. 21st May
  4. 27th May

Answer: 8th May                                                                             

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