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In order to successfully crack the General Knowledge section of a Competitive Exam, you must have a firm grip on Current Affairs (CA). CA questions framed in the exam are inextricably linked with contemporary national and international news events. On the face of it, it seems that cracking such questions should not be a difficult task. Yet, many students falter in answering them correctly because of inadequate understanding of the exam pattern.

Being the Centre for the Best IBPS Online Coaching Classes in the Country, we publish quality CA updates to fill this gap. Along with these updates, we also publish Weekly videos on our YouTube channel covering the most important news events. Apart from CA, videos covering excellent tips and tricks for the upcoming exams are also published on this channel.

Given below is a quiz based on important CA questions from the month of June this year. Take it as a quick test and check your score. Consider each question worth 1 mark. You need not worry about negative marking for now😊

GK June 2021 Quiz

Question 1. Certificate of Deposit (CD) is an unsecured and negotiable money market instrument which is issued by a bank as a usance promissory note. Which of the following statements is true as per the latest norms issued by RBI on CD?
a. Minimum denomination for issuance of CD is Rs. 5 lakh and in multiples of Rs. 5 lakh thereafter.
b. The tenor of a CD at issuance shouldn’t be less than 7 days and must not exceed 1 year.
c. CDs must be issued in dematerialized form only and should be held with a SEBI registered depository.
d. All of the above

Answer: All of the above

Question 2. In the context of the recent appointments and elections, which of the statements given below isn’t correct?
a. Naftali Bennett, who belongs to Yamina Party, has been appointed new Prime Minister of Israel.
b. Isaac Herzog has become the new President of Israel.
c. Bashar Al-Assad has been re-elected President of Syria
d. None of the above

Answer: None of the above

Question 3. The 2021 G-7 Summit was held recently in Carbis Bay, Cornwall (United Kingdom). The theme of the summit was
a. United against COVID-19
b. Cooperation and Technology Transfer
c. Build Back Better
d. Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

Answer: Build Back Better

Question 4. A customer is eligible for 5 free transactions per month from his own Bank’s ATM network. From 1st January, 2022, what will be the cash withdrawal fee charged after the completion of the free ATM transactions?
a. Rs. 15
b. Rs. 17
c. Rs. 21
d. Rs. 25

Answer: Rs. 21

Question 5. Name the writer of the 2021 International Booker Prize winning book “At Night All Blood is Black”.
a. Patricia Lockwood
b. Rachel Cusk
c. David Diop
d. Megan McDowell

Answer: David Diop

Question 6. NACH, an NPCI operated bulk payment system which facilitates one-to-many credit transfers such as payments of salary, pension and interest will be available on all days from 1st August, 2021. NACH stands for
a. National Automated Clearing House
b. National Automated Commerce Holding
c. National Association of Credit Holding
d. National Asset Clearing House

Answer: National Automated Clearing House

Question 7. The validity of PMGKAY (Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana) scheme providing 5 Kg free monthly food grain per person has been extended till
a. September 2021
b. October 2021
c. November 2021
d. December 2021

Answer: November 2021

Question 8. Ratle Hydroelectric Project is going to come up in Kishtwar (Jammu & Kashmir) on which of the following rivers?
a. Ravi
b. Chenab
c. Sutlej
d. Jhelum

Answer: Chenab

Question 9. Who has been recently appointed as the World Bank education advisor?
a. Ranjitsinh Disale
b. Anand Kumar
c. Babar Ali
d. Tathagat Tulsi

Answer: Ranjitsinh Disale

Question 10. Name the new Chairman of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).
a. Dipak Misra
b. J S Khehar
c. Arun Kumar Mishra
d. Ranjan Gogoi

Answer: Arun Kumar Mishra

Question 11. Dehing Patkai & Raimona wildlife sanctuaries have been upgraded to national parks. These national parks are located in which of the following states?
a. Mizoram
b. Assam
c. Meghalaya
d. Tripura

Answer: Assam

Question 12. To aid contact-intensive sectors such as: hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, salons, event organizers, RBI has introduced an On-Tap liquidity window worth
a. Rs. 15,000 Cr.
b. Rs. 20,000 Cr
c. Rs. 25,000 Cr.
d. Rs. 30,000 Cr

Answer: Rs. 15,000 Cr.

Question 13. Name the 1st country in the world to formally adopt ‘Bitcoin’ as a legal tender.
a. Luxembourg
b. USA
c. El Salvador
d. Germany

Answer: El Salvador

Question 14. Name the container ship belonging to Singapore that caught fire recently and sank near the Colombo port.
a. Chuang Xin 8
b. MV X-Press Pearl
c. Sam Bo II
d. Byakko

Answer: MV X-Press Pearl

Question 15. New Zealand side captained by Kane Williamson defeated India to win the inaugural ICC World Test Championship held in Southampton, England. Who won the man of the match award in this test?
a. Ajinkya Rahane
b. Kane Williamson
c. Jasprit Bumrah
d. Kyle Jamieson

Answer: Kyle Jamieson

Question 16. Where is the 2021 Men’s T20 World Cup going to be held?
a. New Zealand
b. United Arab Emirates
c. South Africa
d. England

Answer: United Arab Emirates

Question 17. 21st June is observed annually as the International Day of Yoga (IDY). What was the theme of the 2021 IDY?
a. Yoga for Body and Soul
b. How Yoga Works?
c. Yoga for Wellness / Well-Being
d. From Yoga to Meditation

Answer: Yoga for Wellness / Well-Being

Question 18. Name the author of the iconic children’s book ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.
a. Enid Blyton
b. Eric Carle
c. Roald Dahl
d. Ruskin Bond

Answer: Eric Carle

Question 19. Who is the writer of the 2021 Pulitzer Prize winning book ‘The Night Watchman’?
a. Kazuo Ishiguro
b. Louise Gluck
c. Peter Handke
d. Louise Erdrich

Answer: Louise Erdrich

Question 20. Which of the following pairs is incorrectly matched?
a. 17th June: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
b. 20th June: World Refugee Day
c. 23rd June: International Olympic Day
d. None of the above

Answer: None of the above

Question 21. Public sector banks are going to provide unsecured loans to individuals for COVID treatment starting from Rs. 25,000/- up to a maximum value of
a. Rs. 4 Lakh
b. Rs. 5 Lakh
c. Rs. 6 Lakh
d. Rs. 8 Lakh

Answer: Rs. 5 Lakh

Question 22. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) appraisal has commended India’s Aspirational districts program covering 112 most backward districts across 28 states. The Aspirational districts program was launched in
a. 2016
b. 2017
c. 2018
d. 2019

Answer: 2018

Question 23. Which joint campaign has been launched by ‘YuWaah-UNICEF’ along with CBSE to mobilize youth in tackling the COVID-19 pandemic?
a. Youth against COVID
b. Young Warrior Movement
c. Follow COVID Protocol
d. Maintain Social Distancing

Answer: Young Warrior Movement

Question 24. A customized crash course program for frontline Covid-19 workers has been launched under
PM Kaushal Vikas Yojana 3.0 by the
a. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
b. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
c. Ministry of Rural Development
d. Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

Answer: Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship

Question 25. Name the nationwide campaign launched by the Ministry of Minority Affairs to create awareness regarding COVID vaccination in remote and rural areas.
a. Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai
b. Jeet Karo Pakki
c. Suraksha Zindagi Ki
d. Vaccine Maitri

Answer: Jaan Hai To Jahan Hai

Question 26. To promote the maritime history and heritage of India, a National Maritime Heritage Complex is being set up at
a. Kolkata, West Bengal
b. Panjmi, Goa
c. Lothal, Gujarat
d. Kozhikode, Kerala

Answer: Lothal, Gujarat

Question 27. DBS was adjudged the No. 1 bank on Forbes list of best banks in India. Where are the headquarters of DBS?
a. Shanghai
b. Brussels
c. Singapore
d. Dubai

Answer: Singapore

Question 28. Postage stamps were released recently to mark the 70th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic ties between India and
a. Russia
b. Germany
c. Japan
d. Italy

Answer: Germany

Question 29. Esther Duflo, Raghuram Rajan and Arvind Subramanian have been appointed members of economic advisory council of which state?
a. Telangana
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Kerala
d. Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Question 30. Which of the following statements is incorrect with respect to India’s Deep Ocean Mission which was launched recently?
a. It’s an initiative to boost India’s Blue Economy, explore the ocean’s resources and develop deep sea technologies.
b. The outlay for this mission is Rs. 4077 Cr. spread over 5 years.
c. The Ministry of Earth Sciences is the nodal ministry associated with this mission.
d. None of the above

Answer: None of the above

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