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For many Competitive Exam aspirants finding a reliable source of Current Affairs is a challenge in itself. This challenge gets further compounded because the information available at different platforms is rarely lucid and easy to memorize. In such a scenario, cracking the General Awareness section of a Bank PO / Clerk or SSC exam may seem tough.

Keeping this into consideration, we at Vidya Guru, the Institute for Best IBPS Coaching in Delhi keep uploading excellent Current Affairs Video Lectures on our Youtube Channel. Apart from it, we release regular GK updates containing expected exam questions. Given below is the first update for the month of July this year.

GK 2017 July Quiz

Question 1: The Prime Minster visited Israel recently, where he met the Israeli Prime Minister
a. Shimon Perez
b. Benjamin Netanyahu
c. Reuven Rivlin
d. Isaac Herzog

Answer: Benjamin Netanyahu

Question 2: Germany recently won the FIFA Confederation Cup 2017 by beating which of the following teams in the final?
a. Uruguay
b. Mexico
c. Argentina
d. Chile

Answer: Chile

Question 3: K K Venugopal was recently appointed
a. Chief Election Commissioner
b. Comptroller & Auditor General
c. Attorney General
d. Solicitor General

Answer: Attorney General

Question 4: Jehan Daruvala is associated with which of the following sports?
a. Car racing
b. Chess
c. Badminton
d. Shooting

Answer: Car racing

Question 5: Carrie Lam has recently become the 1st female Chief Executive of
a. Bangkok
b. Singapore
c. Kuala Lumpur
d. Hong Kong

Answer: Hong Kong

Question 6: National Multi-Commodity Exchange of India is going to merge with which of the following exchanges?
a. Multi Commodity Exchange of India
b. Indian Commodity Exchange
c. Ace Derivatives & Commodity Exchange
d. National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange

Answer: Indian Commodity Exchange

Question 7: Which team did Indian men’s team defeat to win Gold at World Throwball Games?
a. Pakistan
b. Nepal
c. Bangladesh
d. Sri Lanka

Answer: Bangladesh

Question 8: Which team did Indian women’s team defeat in the final to win the Gold medal at World Throwball Games?
a. Pakistan
b. Bangladesh
c. Nepal
d. Sri Lanka

Answer: Pakistan

Question 9: What was the venue of the recently held World Throwball Games?
a. Islamabad, Pakistan
b. Kathmandu, Nepal
c. Colombo, Sri Lanka
d. New Delhi, India

Answer: Kathmandu, Nepal

Question 10: This year, the International Day of Cooperatives was observed on
a. 1st July
b. 2nd July
c. 3rd July
d. 5th July

Answer: 1st July

Question 11: The venue of Exercise Maitree 2017, a bilateral military training exercise between India & Thailand, is
a. Odisha
b. Himachal Pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Uttarakhand

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

Question 12: When is the World Population Day observed?
a. 3rd July
b. 11th July
c. 16th July
d. 18th July

Answer: 11th July

Question 13: Tensions between India & China have increased because of China’s attempt to construct a road in Doklam region of
a. Bhutan
b. Nepal
c. Myanmar
d. Tibet

Answer: Bhutan

Question 14: Which of the following teams did India defeat to win the Asian Team Snooker Championship 2017?
a. Malaysia
b. Indonesia
c. Pakistan
d. Sri Lanka

Answer: Pakistan

Question 15: Khaltmaa Battulga has won the Presidential elections in which of the following countries recently?
a. Vietnam
b. Mongolia
c. Oman
d. Syria

Answer: Mongolia

Question 16: UNESCO has declared which of the following as India’s 1st World Heritage City?
a. Jaipur
b. Hyderabad
c. Kolkata
d. Ahmedabad

Answer: Ahmedabad

Question 17: Where is India’s 1st university for only Dalit students going to come up?
a. Pune
b. Hyderabad
c. Chennai
d. Bhubaneshwar

Answer: Hyderabad

Question 18: Which of the following is the venue of Malabar Trilateral exercises being conducted among the navies of USA, India & Japan?
a. Sea of Japan
b. Indian Ocean
c. South China Sea
d. Bay of Bengal

Answer: Bay of Bengal

Question 19: Which nation got the No. 1 rank on the Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 published by the International Telecommunication Union?
a. Singapore
b. USA
c. Japan
d. Australia

Answer: Singapore

Question 20: India’s rank on the Global Cybersecurity Index 2017 is
a. 14th
b. 22nd
c. 23rd
d. 32nd

Answer: 23rd

Question 21: Who among the following recently became the first Indian batsman to hit 200 ODI sixes?
a. MS Dhoni
b. Virat Kohli
c. Gautam Gambhir
d. Shikhar Dhawan

Answer: MS Dhoni

Question 22: BRICS Education Ministers meeting 2017 took place in
a. Beijing, China
b. Johannesburg, South Africa
c. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
d. New Delhi, India

Answer: Beijing, China

Question 23: Govt. has launched “Innovate in India” (i3) program in order to boost production in which of the following sectors?
a. Defence
b. Biopharmaceuticals
c. Telecom
d. Automobiles

Answer: Biopharmaceuticals

Question 24: As per RBI’s new guidelines, customers won’t suffer any financial loss in case of an unauthorized electronic banking transaction, if it they report it within
a. 2 working days
b. 3 working days
c. 5 working days
d. 7 working days

Answer: 3 working days

Question 25: Which of the following countries secured the No.1 position in Asian Athletics Championship 2017?
a. Iran
b. Kazakhstan
c. India
d. China

Answer: India

Question 26: Name the Indian runner who won gold medals in both 5,000 meter and 10,000 meter events at the recently concluded Asian Athletics Championships.
a. G Lakshmanan
b. Dharambir Singh
c. Amiya Kumar Mallick
d. Abdul Najeeb Quresh

Answer: G Lakshmanan

Question 27: The venue of the recently concluded 2017 G-20 Summit was
a. Shanghai, China
b. Sydney, Australia
c. Hamburg, Germany
d. Paris, France

Answer: Hamburg, Germany

Question 28: Manpreet Kaur, who recently won the gold at Asian Athletics Championship, is associated with which of the following sports?
a. Shot Put
b. Javelin Throw
c. Discus Throw
d. Cycling

Answer: Shot Put

Question 29: Which of the following cities will be the venue of World Food India 2017, a global food fair which is scheduled to be organized in November?
a. Kolkata
b. New Delhi
c. Hyderabad
d. Jaipur

Answer: New Delhi

Question 30: Which of the following payment banks commenced its operations recently?
a. Aditya Birla Nuvo
b. National Securities Depository Ltd
c. Vodafone m-Pesa
d. Fino Paytech

Answer: Fino Paytech

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This GK update comprises some important questions relating to contemporary national and international events. For further guidance or assistance of any type, you may write to us at vidyagurudelhi@gmail.com.

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