23 Nov

The upcoming months of 2017 are crucial from the perspective of Govt. Job Preparation. As the dates of RBI Assistant and IBPS Clerk Exams are drawing nearer, aspirants are best advised to keep their General Awareness updated. Moreover, SSC CHSL 2017 Recruitment Notification has also been released. Going by the number of Vacancies released in the notification, it would not be an exaggeration to call CHSL (10+2) Exam a golden opportunity.

In order to assist aspirants like you perform better, the Centre for Best Bank PO Coaching in East Delhi regularly publishes General Knowledge quizzes. The latest of these quizzes has been provided below for your reading.

General Knowledge November 2017

Question 1. Where was “PRABAL DOSTYK – 2017″, a joint military training exercise between India and Kazakhstan, conducted recently?
a. Uttarakhand
b. Rajasthan
c. Himachal Pradesh
d. Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Himachal Pradesh

Question 2. Which team did Patna Pirates defeat in the final to win the 2017 Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)?
a. Gujarat Fortune Giants
b. Telugu Titans
c. Puneri Paltan
d. Bengaluru Bulls

Answer: Gujarat Fortune Giants

Question 3. Shinzo Abe was recently reelected Prime Minister of which of the following countries?
a. Singapore
b. Japan
c. South Korea
d. Hong Kong

Answer: Japan

Question 4. Manushi Chillar has recently won which of the following titles?
a. Miss Universe 2017
b. Miss Earth 2017
c. Miss Asia Pacific 2017
d. Miss World 2017

Answer: Miss World 2017

Question 5. Which of the following teams did England defeat in the final to win the FIFA 2017 Under-17 World Cup?
a. Spain
b. Netherlands
c. Brazil
d. Argentina

Answer: Spain

Question 6. India’s rank on the recently published Ease of Doing Business Index 2018 is
a. 89th
b. 92nd
c. 100th
d. 112th

Answer: 100th

Question 7. Which of the following countries was ranked 1 on the Ease of Doing Business Index 2018?
a. Denmark
b. USA
c. Singapore
d. New Zealand

Answer: New Zealand

Question 8. Name the organization that publishes the Ease of Doing Business Index every year.
a. World Bank
b. International Monetary Fund
c. World Trade Organization
d. World Economic Forum

Answer: World Bank

Question 9. Where was the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – Conference of Parties 23 held recently?
a. Manila, Philippines
b. Vienna, Austria
c. Vancouver, Canada
d. Bonn, Germany

Answer: Bonn, Germany

Question 10. Who among the following was recently named the new Finance Secretary of India?
a. Amitabh Kant
b. Hasmukh Adhia
c. Bibek Debroy
d. Dr. Rajiv Kumar

Answer: Hasmukh Adhia

Question 11. Name the team that Indian Women’s team defeat in the final to win the Women’s Asia Cup Hockey 2017.
a. China
b. Japan
c. South Korea
d. Malaysia

Answer: China

Question 12. Which of the following nations hosted the Women’s Asia Cup Hockey 2017?
a. China
b. Japan
c. Pakistan
d. Malaysia

Answer: Japan

Question 13. Name the captain of Indian men’s hockey team that won the Asia Cup 2017 recently by defeating Malaysia in the final.
a. Akash Chikte
b. S.V Sunil
c. Manpreet Singh
d. Sardar Singh

Answer: Manpreet Singh

Question 14. What was India’s rank on the Global Gender Gap index recently published by the World Economic Forum?
a. 100th
b. 102nd
c. 103rd
d. 108th

Answer: 108th

Question 15. Who has recently won the Jnanpith Award 2017?
a. Surinder Verma
b. Shankha Ghosh
c. Krishna Sobti
d. Mahabaleshwar Sail

Answer: Krishna Sobti

Question 16. Name the city that recently hosted the 2017 International Children’s Film Festival of India.
a. Bengaluru
b. Hyderabad
c. Pune
d. Jaipur

Answer: Hyderabad

Question 17. The Maitree Express was the first train to connect India and Bangladesh. Name the 2nd train service that was launched recently between these two countries.
a. Sampark Express
b. Pragati Express
c. Bandhan Express
d. Jai Bangla Express

Answer: Bandhan Express

Question 18. Name the ministerial committee that has been formed to supervise the PSU bank merger process.
a. Arun Jaitley committee
b. Suresh Prabhu committee
c. Ravi Shankar Prasad committee
d. Nirmala Sitharaman committee

Answer: Arun Jaitley committee

Question 19. Name the city that has become a part of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network because of its rich musical tradition.
a. Hyderabad
b. Lucknow
c. Kolkata
d. Chennai

Answer: Chennai

Question 20. Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck was recently on official visit to India. He is the king of
a. Indonesia
b. Bhutan
c. Vietnam
d. Cambodia

Answer: Bhutan

Question 21. Which of the following plans has been launched by the Govt. for recapitalization of public sector banks?
a. Navodaya plan
b. Sankalp plan
c. Indradhanush plan
d. Vikalpa plan

Answer: Indradhanush plan

Question 22. Name the first country in the world that has granted citizenship to a robot.
a. Saudi Arabia
b. USA
c. Canada
d. Israel

Answer: Saudi Arabia

Question 23. What is the name of the Artificially Intelligent robot that has recently received Saudi Arabia’s citizenship?
a. Miriam
b. Adam
c. Eve
d. Sophia

Answer: Sophia

Question 24. Where was the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit 2017 held recently?
a. South Korea
b. Vietnam
c. Japan
d. Australia

Answer: Vietnam

Question 25. Paolo Gentiloni was recently on a state visit to India. Mr. Gentiloni is the Prime Minister of which of the following nations?
a. Jordan
b. Spain
c. Italy
d. Brazil

Answer: Italy

Question 26. Which of the following nations hosted the United Nations Global Wildlife Conference 2017 (Convention on Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals COP-13)?
a. India
b. Malaysia
c. Indonesia
d. South Korea

Answer: India

Question 27. Nirbhay missile was successfully test fired from Chandipur, Odisha recently. It is a
a. Surface-to-surface short-range ballistic missile
b. Long-range subsonic cruise missile
c. Inter-continental ballistic missile
d. Beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile

Answer: Long-range subsonic cruise missile

Question 28. World Youth Forum 2017 was recently hosted by
a. France
b. Brazil
c. Egypt
d. Australia

Answer: Egypt

Question 29. Sampriti, a joint military training exercise, was recently conducted between the forces of India and
a. Bangladesh
b. Sri Lanka
c. Nepal
d. Afghanistan

Answer: Bangladesh

Question 30. Moody’s, an international credit rating agency, has upgraded our country’s credit rating to
a. Baa2
b. Baa3
c. Ba2
d. Ba1

Answer: Baa2

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