11 Oct

Current Affairs can be a highly scoring area for candidates involved in IBPS Exam Preparation. Even those students who are primarily targeting SSC CGL & CHSL Exams should not neglect this area. In fact, it is essential for any Govt. job aspirant to keep going through relevant General Awareness Questions on a regular basis.

With this thought in mind, Vidya Guru, renowned as the Institute for Best SSC CGL Coaching in Delhi, keeps publishing updated Quizzes on this blog section. The Quiz provided below is focused on the first quarter of October 2017.

Current Affairs October Questions

Question 1: Kip S Thorne, Barry C Barish & Rainer Weiss have been recently awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize in
a. Mathematics
b. Physiology
c. Physics
d. Literature

Answer: Physics

Question 2: Who among the following has won the Nobel Prize 2017 in literature?
a. Gunter Grass
b. Bob Dylan
c. Salman Rushdie
d. Kazuo Ishiguro

Answer: Kazuo Ishiguro

Question 3: The 2017 World Habitat Day was observed on
a. 2nd October
b. 3rd October
c. 4th October
d. 8th October

Answer: 2nd October

Question 4: Mr. Banwari Lal Purohit was recently appointed Governor of
a. Telangana
b. Tamil Nadu
c. Kerala
d. Himachal Pradesh

Answer: Tamil Nadu

Question 5: Who among the following was recently appointed Governor of Bihar?
a. Najma Heptulla
b. Kiran Bedi
c. Satya Pal Malik
d. Jaswant Singh

Answer: Satya Pal Malik

Question 6: The 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine / Physiology has been won by
a. Michael Rosbash, Michael W Young & Jeffrey C Hall
b. J Michael Kosterlitz, David J Thouless & F Duncan M Haldane
c. Bengt Holmstrom & Oliver Hart
d. Bernard L Feringa Jean-Pierre Sauvage & Sir J Fraser Stoddart

Answer: Michael Rosbash, Michael W Young & Jeffrey C Hall

Question 7: Mr. Jagdish Mukhi was recently sworn in as the Governor of
a. Madhya Pradesh
b. Goa
c. West Bengal
d. Assam

Answer: Assam

Question 8: Name the person who was recently appointed Governor of Meghalaya.
a. Jaswant Singh
b. Murli Manohar Joshi
c. Ganga Prasad
d. Ram Naik

Answer: Ganga Prasad

Question 9: Admiral (Retired) Devendra Kumar Joshi recently became the Lieutenant Governor of
a. Dadra and Nagar Haveli
b. Andaman & Nicobar Islands
c. Chandigarh
d. Lakshadweep

Answer: Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Question 10: Which of the following cities recently hosted the India EU summit 2017?
a. Brussels
b. New Delhi
c. Paris
d. London

Answer: New Delhi

Question 11: Name the captain of the Australian cricket team that recently played ODIs against India.
a. Steve Smith
b. Glenn Maxwell
c. Matthew Wade
d. Aaron Finch

Answer: Steve Smith

Question 12: When is the World Food Day observed?
a. 5th October
b. 16th October
c. 22nd October
d. 23rd October

Answer: 16th October

Question 13: Brigadier (Retired) BD Mishra has been recently appointed Governor of which of the following states?
a. Arunachal Pradesh
b. Rajasthan
c. Jammu & Kashmir
d. Nagaland

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

Question 14: Which of the following companies recently became India’s 1st Information Utility under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code?
a. Credit Rating Information Services of India (CRISIL)
b. Clearing Corporation of India Ltd (CCIL)
c. National e-Governance Services Ltd (NeSL)
d. National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI)

Answer: National e-Governance Services Ltd (NeSL)

Question 15: Name the winner of the Nobel Prize 2017 in Economics.
a. Bengt Holmstrom
b. Oliver Hart
c. Angus Deaton
d. Richard Thaler

Answer: Richard Thaler

Question 16: The Nobel Peace Prize 2017 was recently awarded to
a. Juan Manuel Santos
b. International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)
c. Aung San Suu Kyi
d. Shirin Ebadi

Answer: International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN)

Question 17: Jagmeet Singh has become the Chief of the New Democratic Party of
a. Britain
b. Italy
c. Canada
d. France

Answer: Canada

Question 18: Which of the following committees has drafted the 3rd National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP)?
a. Sunita Narain Committee
b. Arun Krishnamurthy Committee
c. Vandana Shiva Committee
d. JC Kala Committee

Answer: JC Kala Committee

Question 19: What is the duration of the 3rd National Wildlife Action Plan (NWAP)?
a. 2017-2031
b. 2022-2031
c. 2017-2039
d. 2022-2039

Answer: 2017-2031

Question 20: Which of the following committees has been recently constituted for examining the sub categorization within OBCs?
a. Shunglu Committee
b. G Rohini Committee
c. Amitabh Kant Committee
d. K Kasturirangan Committee

Answer: G Rohini Committee

Question 21: Rajnish Kumar was recently appointed Chairman of which of the following public sector banks?
a. Bank of Baroda
b. Punjab National Bank
c. State Bank of India
d. Bank of Baroda

Answer: State Bank of India

Question 22: When is the World Animal Day (WAD) observed annually?
a. 1st October
b. 2nd October
c. 3rd October
d. 4th October

Answer: 4th October

Question 23: Which of the following has been adjudged India’s best Swachh Iconic Place?
a. Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ujjain
b. Meenakshi Temple, Madurai
c. Sanchi Stupa, Sanchi
d. Mahabodhi Temple, Bodh Gaya

Answer: Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

Question 24: Name the India’s 1st financial agency that has raised ‘Green Masala Bonds’.
a. Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)
b. Power Finance Corporation Ltd (PFC)
c. India Infrastructure Finance Company Ltd (IIFCL)
d. Industrial Finance Corporation of India (IFCI)

Answer: Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA)

Question 25: ‘Green Masala Bonds’ are rupee denominated overseas bonds meant for financing
a. Food production
b. Environment friendly projects
c. Milk production
d. National parks & wildlife sanctuaries

Answer: Environment friendly projects

Question 26: Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh has become Prime Minister of which of the following nations?
a. Belarus
b. Armenia
c. Mongolia
d. Turkmenistan

Answer: Mongolia

Question 27: RBI in its 4th bi-monthly monetary policy review for 2017-18 has kept Repo rate & Reverse repo rate at
a. 6% & 5.75% respectively
b. 6% & 5.50% respectively
c. 6.25% & 6.00% respectively
d. 6.25% & 5.75% respectively

Answer: 6% & 5.75% respectively

Question 28: CRR & SLR figures as per the 4th bi-monthly monetary policy review 2017-18 are
a. 4% & 20% respectively
b. 4% & 19.50% respectively
c. 4.5% & 19.50% respectively
d. 4.5% & 20% respectively

Answer: 4% & 19.50% respectively

Question 29: Which of the following cities was host to the recently concluded 1st ASEAN-India Music Festival?
a. Lukcnow
b. Pune
c. New Delhi
d. Jaipur

Answer: New Delhi

Question 30: Which of the following pairs recently won the 2017 Nobel Prize in chemistry?
a. Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano & Shuji Nakamura
b. J Michael Kosterlitz, David J Thouless & F Duncan M Haldane
c. Arthur B. McDonald & Takaaki Kajita
d. Richard Henderson, Joachim Frank & Jacques Dubochet

Answer: Richard Henderson, Joachim Frank & Jacques Dubochet

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