27 Apr

Cracking an exam which is as competitive as SBI PO or SSC Combined Graduate Level is not feasible without honing one’s vocabulary. Vocabulary improvement not only results in higher accuracy on sentence completion questions and cloze test, but also makes reading comprehension a much easier exercise.

At Vidya Guru, the Best Institute for SBI Coaching in Delhi, we constantly strive to come up with the learning material that will improve your vocabulary and help you attempt the verbal aptitude section with confidence. The latest initiative in this regard is the Quiz given below containing some high level questions.

Find the Synonyms

Question 1. Cavil
a. Aid
b. Notify
c. Interrupt
d. Nitpick

Answer: Nitpick

Example: As it was getting dark, we did not cavil at the high price being charged by the cab service.

Question 2. Aleatory
a. Heavenly
b. Profound
c. Unpredictable
d. Critical

Answer: Unpredictable

Example: The aleatory element in life, the prospect of good or bad fortune, is at times disturbing.

Question 3. Lithe
a. Rusty
b. Mild
c. Flexible
d. Insipid

Answer: Flexible

Example: The cheetah is able to hunt well because its motion is both lithe and balanced at the same time.

Question 4. Métier
a. Gauge
b. Vocation
c. Happiness
d. Folly

Answer: Vocation

Example: As a youngster, the artist tried painting, but finally found her métier in music.

Question 5. Indignant
a. Triumphant
b. Weary
c. Envious
d. Angry

Answer: Angry

Example: There is no need to feel indignant at the false accusation that has been leveled against you.

Question 6. Ineluctable
a. Abrupt
b. Susceptible
c. Glossy
d. Certain

Answer: Certain

Example: Survival of the fittest is an ineluctable fact of life which can’t be wished away.

Question 7. Ordure
a. Excrement
b. Command
c. Cheat
d. Fragrance

Answer: Excrement

Example: The village was filthy, with heaps of human and animal ordure lying openly in the fields.

Question 8. Ratiocination
a. Disbursement
b. Logic
c. Patriotism
d. Liberation

Answer: Logic

Example: The forensic expert used his ratiocination to analyze the evidence and determine the killer’s identity.

Question 9. Compendious
a. Enigmatic
b. Hateful
c. Concise
d. Final

Answer: Concise

Example: The professor asked us to prepare a compendious report on the influence of western thinkers on Indian philosophy.

Question 10. Plebeian
a. Experimental
b. Ignoble
c. Affluent
d. Plaintiff

Answer: Ignoble

Example: In ancient times, it was almost impossible for a person of plebeian origin to become a mass leader.

Question 11. Cortege
a. Procession
b. Messenger
c. Strap
d. Follower

Answer: Procession

Example: The funeral cortege of the actor comprised his relatives, fans and numerous members of the showbiz.

Question 12. Plangent
a. Dry
b. Convincing
c. Orderly
d. Mournful

Answer: Mournful

Example: She will always be remembered for the plangent love song that she sang nearly two decades ago.

Question 13. Arrogate
a. Attack
b. Smear
c. Usurp
d. Approve

Answer: Usurp

Example: The administration can arrogate your property if it is essential to uphold national interests.

Question 14. Involution
a. Revenge
b. Analysis
c. Interest
d. Complexity

Answer: Complexity

Example: The involution of a high-level reading comprehension passage may make it hard to follow.

Question 15. Disquisition
a. Defense
b. Appeal
c. Treatise
d. Apprehension

Answer: Treatise

Example: Mr. Smith’s disquisition on the factors contributing to the wealth of the nations is as relevant today as it was a hundred years ago.

Question 16. Attenuate
a. Validate
b. Feast
c. Weaken
d. Analyze

Answer: Weaken

Example: The serum needs to be attenuated sufficiently before being administered to young patients.

Question 17. Catastrophe
a. Tragedy
b. Rage
c. Violence
d. Hatred

Answer: Tragedy

Example: During the catastrophe over a thousand families lost their loved ones.

Question 18. Mollify
a. Deny
b. Propagate
c. Assuage
d. Convince

Answer: Assuage

Example: If Mrs. Clinton wishes to win the election, she will have to mollify the supporters she angered during last week’s press conference.

Question 19. Malady
a. Tune
b. Disease
c. Aversion
d. Parody

Answer: Disease

Example: The old woman’s respiratory malady made it obligatory for her to carry an oxygen canister with her all the time.

Question 20. Desultory
a. Lessen
b. Forsake
c. Haphazard
d. Thrifty

Answer: Haphazard

Example: A desultory effort at public appeasement just before the election season is simply not enough to convince today’s voters.

Question 21. Diminish
a. Prohibit
b. Stall
c. Reduce
d. Exacerbate

Answer: Reduce

Example: The savings in my bank account began to diminish quickly as soon as I moved out of my home town and settled in the city.

Question 22. Inadvertent
a. Inconsequential
b. Careless
c. Unintentional
d. Intricate

 Answer: Unintentional

Example: The writer has said that the recent controversy regarding his political ideology is the result of a couple of inadvertent typographical errors that the editor of his latest book failed to spot.

Question 23. Belligerent
a. Serene
b. Stringent
c. Hostile
d. Vigilant

Answer: Hostile

Example: A belligerent dog can be quite dangerous so you should never pester the animal which is otherwise considered man’s best friend.

Question 24. Altruistic
a. Intimidating
b. Obsolete
c. Meek
d. Philanthropic

Answer: Philanthropic

Example: At times, she wondered whether human beings were primarily altruistic or selfish.

Question 25. Conscript
a. Portray
b. Draft
c. Surround
d. Pledge

Answer: Draft

Example: Mohd. Ali protested vehemently against the American Govt. when it tried to conscript him into the army.

Question 26. Hoodwink
a. Envelop
b. Contradict
c. Offend
d. Deceive

Answer: Deceive

Example: The people of the state were hoodwinked into believing that the Governor was an honest person.

Question 27. Revile
a. Revitalize
b. Appraise
c. Abuse
d. Divulge

Answer: Abuse

Example: It came as no surprise to the leader that her political rival would revile her before the members of the press.

Question 28. Venial
a. Dishonest
b. Apparent
c. Esteemed
d. Pardonable

Answer: Pardonable

Example: As the headmistress felt the girls had committed a rather venial offence, she did not give them a harsh punishment.

Question 29. Pernicious
a. Soiled
b. Tainted
c. Injurious
d. Incessant

Answer: Injurious

Example: The proposed cuts in Central Govt. spending will have a pernicious effect on the quality of health care services in the country.

Question 30. Irrevocable
a. Transform
b. Finished
c. Unalterable
d. Stagnant

Answer: Unalterable

Example: No appeal can be made against the decisions taken by the federal court as they are irrevocable.

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