28 Jul

Bank PO Coaching

In the last couple of years a new opportunity has come up for all those who look forward to becoming a Probationary Officer (PO) in public sector banking. Public sectors banks such as Bank of Baroda, Andhra Bank, Syndicate Bank, Federal Bank & IDBI have tied up with Manipal University to offer a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Banking & Finance (PGDBF). Interested candidates have to undergo an online aptitude exam followed by a Group Discussion and Interview for getting admission in this program. On successfulcompletion of the program the candidate is absorbed by these banks in PO cadre.

Since this is a relatively new proposition, the level of awareness regarding it is on the lower side. Candidates are, at times, not sure whether pursuing thePGDBF programwill be the right choice for them. To clear this uncertainty, career experts from Vidya Guru, which is one of the Best Bank PO Coaching Institutes in Delhi, have presented the justification for why they consider the PGDBF program to be a wonderful career opportunity.

  1. Additional Qualification – Any opportunity for further learning is desirable and should be grabbed whenever possible. If the qualification happens to be a professional one backed by strong industry acceptance, as in the case of PGDBF, it becomes an icing on the cake. Moreover, an additional qualification will only add strength to your resume. It can open doors to future employment opportunities and widen the horizons of your professional growth.Bank Exam Coaching
  2. Affordable Fee – The fee being charged for the PGDBF program is undoubtedly subsidized. It is clear that an effort has been made to keep it affordable. At around Rs. 3.5 lakhs (plus service tax) for one year it is definitely a value for money proposition, considering that a full time regular MBA program will cost you around Rs. 6 to 7 lakhs per annum. Moreover, you can also opt for an education loan to finance your PGDBF program.The loan can be repaid in comfortable EMIswhich start only on completion ofthe program duration (i.e. 1 year after admission).
  3. Appropriate Duration – Most educational programs at post graduate level have a 2 year duration. An MBA from any of theUGC recognized universitiesor a PGDM from the IIMs requires an investment of 2 years which many candidates may not be in a position to make. The one year duration of PGDBF makes it appropriate for just about everyone, even for those who are looking to get into a job without much delay.
  4. Benefits of Govt. Job–Once you complete the requirements of the PGDBFprogram, you get placed as a PO in Junior Management Grade (Assistant Manger) / Scale-Iin a nationalized bank. This marks your entry into public sector and thereafter you enjoy all the benefits, such as stability, healthy work-life balance, financial security and social reputation, which are associated with a Govt. job.Best Bank Coaching
  5. Manipal University Reputation–There is no doubt that Manipal University is among the top notch universities in India.The educational programs offered by theuniversity are known for their quality and academic rigor.The university has a really broad alumni base and studying there will be instrumental in helping you build a strong personal network.All this is over and above the strength that Manipal brand name will provide to your candidature for all professional assignments in future.
  6. Less Competition–As compared to IBPS and SBI exams, there is less competition in Manipal PO admission exams. There is a higher chance of selection as the number of candidates appearing in these exams is significantly lower than the number appearingin IBPS PO or SBI PO exams. Consider the increasing number of candidates appearing in IBPS PO, itwas 7.51 lakh in 2012-13 and went up to 9.17 lakh in 2013-14. It is estimated that over 20 lakh candidates have appeared in SBI PO 2015.These numbersare stacked heavily against the candidate, but it is not the same in Manipal PO admissions.
  7. Foundation in Banking–For somebody who is passionate about a career in banking, nothing could be better than a strong foundation in banking and finance, which is provided by the PGDBF program. The programis structured in such a way that you get a deep understanding of both theory and practicerelatedto the field of banking. The program comprises a classroom training period of 9 months and an internship of 3 months at a bank branch.Finally, a provision of stipends is also there during the training period as well as the internship.So, the overall financial burden on the candidate is minimal. Given this scenario, the Bank Exam Coaching faculty at Vidya Guru advises that as a Bank PO aspirant you must not neglect the Manipal PO program.


This article has been written with an aim of making you aware about the Bank PO program which Manipal University and Public Sector banks have jointly started.For seeking further guidance regarding this program and getting your doubts cleared, write a mail at vidyagurudelhi@gmail.com.


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