15 Dec

Failure is rightly regarded as the best teacher. It makes you introspect and analyze the reasons for your below par performance. Thus, a failure becomes a stepping stone to success. Consider this; in 2013 more than 12 Lakh aspirants appeared for SSC CGL (Combined Graduate Level) exam alone, but out of these only 8 Thousand ultimately proved to be successful. Why did so many not make it? What were the deficiencies in their preparation? In this regard, the faculties at the centre for SSC exam coaching in Delhi have come up with the most common reasons for the failure of exam aspirants. These reasons are-

  1. Slow Reading Speed: If you have slow reading speed, you end up taking more time to read each and every question. This way you will not be able to attempt enough questions needed to find your name on the merit list. With an average time of 36 seconds per question, fast reading speed becomes a skill necessary to crack any SSC exam. To counter slow reading speed, you have to develop a sense of urgency and, if required, learn some speed reading techniques.
  2. Insufficient Understanding of Exam Pattern: Your hard work will provide you dividends, only if it is channelized in the right direction. Knowing the type of questions which are asked and understanding their difficulty level can undoubtedly take your score higher. It can be done by carefully analyzing the past year papers.
  3. Shortage of Shortcuts & Tricks: Without the knowledge of shortcuts and time saving methods, you will find the questions difficult and extremely time consuming. Solving Math’s and Reasoning questions requires unlearning the step-based approach that was learnt at school. It is important to learn the shortest and easiest method of solving a problem.
  4. Lack of Conceptual Clarity: Conceptual clarity is the foundation which stands a candidate in good stead while attempting the exam. Tricky and confusing questions will be able to easily unsettle you, if you are not clear about the basic concepts. To avoid this, you must work on your fundamentals right from the start. Make a list of all the topics which are a part of SSC exam syllabus. Choose a topic from this list daily and cover it in its entirety.
  5. Inadequate Practice: Practice is the key to success. In absence of sufficient practice, you will not be able to hone your test taking skills. Through consistent practice you will grow in confidence and also increase your accuracy. The tendency to commit silly mistakes goes down drastically, if you systematically keep choosing enough practice questions from each section.
  6. Poor Vocabulary: Poor vocabulary is the most common reason for candidates not being able to perform well on the English section and consequently on the exam. Improving your vocabulary requires dedicated effort over a sustained period of time. However, it will give you a powerful competitive edge which only a few candidates have.
  7. Absence of Strategy: Lack of exam strategy often results in a candidate not being able to maximize his/her score on the exam. You must have a well chalked out strategy to tackle all contingencies which the exam can throw up. Attempting enough number of mock tests will help you devise an effective strategy; you will be able to see how much time needs to be allotted per section. It will also help you develop clarity as to the sequence in which you will be attempting the various sections.
  8. Irregular Performance Assessment: Periodic performance assessment, through sectional tests and full length tests, is a must. However, taking the tests alone is not good enough. You have to back it with a detailed analysis of the errors that you have made and the learning gaps which persist. Only through this exercise will you be able to improve upon your past performance. Make sure you keep a track of where your performance is headed, whether the graph is going in the upward direction or the downward direction.

Conclusion: By understanding the above mentioned reasons, which quite often prove to be the downfall of candidates, you can give right direction to your SSC exam preparation. Besides this, you can consider enrolling yourself in the institute providing best coaching for SSC exam as it will further your prospects and pave the way for your success.

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