25 Oct

Vocabulary improvement is a must for those desirous of cracking Govt. job exams. Irrespective of whether it is Banking PO, SSC CGL or any other Competitive examination you will find a significant number of questions based on vocabulary. As the number of applicants for these exams increases every year, the difficulty level of questions also goes up. Thus, it becomes crucial for you to keep expanding your vocabulary by learning quality words that may not be in use in general parlance.

In this context, the faculty providing the Best IBPS Coaching in Delhi and NCR keep publishing quizzes for your vocabulary enrichment. The latest quiz comprising 30 questions has been given below for your reading.

Find the Synonyms

Question: 1. Obeisance
a. Necessity
b. Directive
c. Homage
d. Understanding

Answer: Homage

Example: In an unprecedented show of solidarity, leaders from different political parties paid obeisance to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose on his birth anniversary.

Question: 2. Droll
a. Indifferent
b. Humorous
c. Conflicting
d. Uninteresting

Answer: Humorous

Example: The cousins loved to hear Aunty Martha tell her droll stories about how she and her brother created ruckus in the neighborhood when they were young.

Question: 3. Execration
a. Dung
b. Scandal
c. Torture
d. Curse

Answer: Curse

Example: Upon realizing that the staff of the company had testified against her, Shreya lost her control and let loose a fierce volley of execrations.

Question: 4. Bibelot
a. Trinket
b. Atheist
c. Wizard
d. Maverick

Answer: Trinket

Example: Children of the household marveled at their grandmother’s collection of bibelots, which included rings, precious stones, coins and many other curious items.

Question: 5. Entreat
a. Request
b. Listen
c. Command
d. Rejoice

Answer: Request

Example: Jason began his speech by entreating the audience to forgive him for being late once again.

Question: 6. Panegyric
a. Commotion
b. Harangue
c. Widespread
d. Encomium

Answer: Encomium

Example: The inappropriate convention of writing a panegyric on the demise of public figures without looking into their indiscretions does a lot of damage to contemporary history.

Question: 7. Imprimatur
a. Adolescent
b. Juncture
c. Approval
d. Hindrance

Answer: Approval

Example: The book can be translated and relaunched only with the imprimatur of the writer and the publishing house.

Question: 8. Phlegmatic
a. Unemotional
b. Knowledgeable
c. Immense
d. Frugal

Answer: Unemotional

Example: As a tennis player, Bjorn Borg’s most distinguishing feature was his poised and phlegmatic manner.

Question: 9. Recondite
a. Conciliatory
b. Remorseful
c. Abstruse
d. Hackneyed

Answer: Abstruse

Example: Our professor’s ideas on macro economics were so recondite that students were unable to follow his line of reasoning beyond a certain point.

Question: 10. Peroration
a. Deceit
b. Misery
c. Conclusion
d. Epidemic

Answer: Conclusion

Example: A speaker can sway the audience only if the final part of his speech, the peroration, is powerful.

Question: 11. Clerisy
a. Sorority
b. Intelligentsia
c. Proletariat
d. Peasantry

Answer: Intelligentsia

Example: With the support of clerisy Nazism quickly gained acceptance across Germany and many other parts of Europe.

Question: 12. Interdict
a. Ban
b. Probe
c. Unite
d. Explain

Answer: Ban

Example: Women from all walks of life have spoken negatively about the church’s regressive interdict against the widespread use of birth control mechanisms.

Question: 13. Obloquy
a. Equivocation
b. Reiteration
c. Abuse
d. Embezzlement

Answer: Abuse

Example: In a conservative society like ours, a cross-dressing boy is surely going to be a target of obloquy and harassment.

Question: 14. Panoply
a. Gist
b. Harmony
c. Collection
d. Surroundings

Answer: Collection

Example: The local museum is going to display the entire panoply of medals and trophies won by our football club.

Question: 15. Hubris
a. Anxiety
b. Mania
c. Dislike
d. Arrogance

Answer: Arrogance

Example: Quite often, it is a man’s hubris that proves to be his downfall.

Question: 16. Quiddity
a. Eccentricity
b. Overconfidence
c. Modesty
d. Fatigue

Answer: Eccentricity

Example: Despite all her quiddities, it can’t be denied that Mrs. Simpson was a really dignified and intelligent person.

Question: 17. Pother
a. Transformation
b. Obesity
c. Commotion
d. Treatise

Answer: Commotion

Example: The acclaimed writer could no longer endure the pother of city traffic and decided to move to a quieter place.

Question: 18. Resile
a. Compel
b. Retract
c. Allege
d. Compose

Answer: Retract

Example: Is it possible for our country to resile from the treaty that was signed by our erstwhile President more than two decades ago?

Question: 19. Proselytize
a. Demand
b. Agree
c. Haggle
d. Convert

Answer: Convert

Example: Early missionaries from Europe made immense efforts to proselytize followers of other religions to Christianity.

Question: 20. Rive
a. Anticipate
b. Imagine
c. Gossip
d. Split

Answer: Split

Example: The recent controversy regarding constitutional rights of backward classes has riven the social fabric of our community.

Question: 21. Impecunious
a. Disappointing
b. Clever
c. Humid
d. Destitute

Answer: Destitute

Example: As Bill was raised in an impecunious household, he understood the value of money and saved as much as he could.

Question: 22. Defalcate
a. Placate
b. Embezzle
c. Simplify
d. Reveal

Answer: Embezzle

Example: All those guilty of defalcating government money will be tried in a court of law and punished if found guilty.

Question: 23. Coruscate
a. Weaken
b. Coax
c. Evade
d. Sparkle

Answer: Sparkle

Example: The light of her jewels coruscated in the hallway and produced colourful patterns.

Question: 24. Schism
a. Intricacy
b. Division
c. Admiration
d. Disobedience

Answer: Division

Example: In the last presidential elections, the schism between the two party stalwarts proved costly for the Democrats.

Question: 25. Tergiversate
a. Equivocate
b. Annoy
c. Praise
d. Verify

Answer: Equivocate

Example: The teacher instructed her student to stop tergiversating and come to the point straight away without wasting any time.

Question: 26. Hierophant
a. Adversary
b. Skeptic
c. Critic
d. Apostle

Answer: Apostle

Example: As a pioneering hierophant of genetic engineering, Herbert Boyer had to face criticism that researchers like him were playing God.

Question: 27. Adumbrate
a. Curtail
b. Diminish
c. Retaliate
d. Outline

Answer: Outline

Example: The management of the firm is going to adumbrate financial objectives for the next year in the upcoming board meeting.

Question: 28. Victuals
a. Soldiers
b. Food
c. Portraits
d. Royals

Answer: Food

Example: A robust mechanism must be put in place by the authorities to ensure that unconsumed victuals don’t get wasted during the wedding season.

Question: 29. Propinquity
a. Outline
b. Yearning
c. Nearness
d. Phenomenon

Answer: Nearness

Example: It is all because of information technology that propinquity is not a factor anymore when it comes to finding a good teacher.

Question: 30. Hebetude
a. Jealousy
b. Euphoria
c. Lethargy
d. Poverty

Answer: Lethargy

Example: After a long bout of rigorous mental exertion, Sherlock Holmes would slip into an envelope of hebetude at his apartment on Baker Street.

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