25 Feb

In India, many people aspire for Govt jobs because of the benefits that come along with them. Although, in the past, the demand for these jobs used to be slightly less among the upper-middle and richer sections of the society, yet today it is not so. More and more candidates are appearing for Govt job exams such as SSC, Bank PO & Clerk, SBI, Railways, Delhi Police, FCI, DMRC etc. so that they can get employed with the Govt. of India and can experience the following advantages:

  1. Retirement Benefits – A Govt job is associated with a number of attractive retirement benefits. These benefits include lifetime pension, provident fund, etc. which promise a decent lifestyle even after one has stopped working. Thus, a Govt servant remains financially independent even in ripe old age.
  2. Security – Working for the centre or the state offers a great deal of social and job security as lay-offs are uncommon. As it is jokingly said, it is more difficult to get a government job than to maintain it! This is why many bank coaching centres in Delhi offer tutorials for people aspiring to work in government banks.
  3. Prospects of Career Growth – There is a well laid out path for career progression in any public sector job. Time bound promotions are there in almost all Govt jobs. Moreover, exceptional performers are also provided with fast track promotions and rewarding assignments.
  4. Allowances and Perks – There are plentiful allowances and perks for education of children, medical needs, travel etc. Additionally, housing facilities and various other accompaniments like water, electricity, telephone etc. are paid for by the Govt. These allowances and perks are even more attractive if one is working in the defence forces.
  5. Holidays & Leaves – Public sector employees get far greater number of holidays and leaves, much more than any private sector employee. They get offs on almost every festival. The weekends are also relaxed. If at all they work on Saturdays, it is a half day.
  6. Fixed Working hours – Probably the greatest plus point of being employed in civic institutions is the fixed hours of work. Staying back and working long hours disrupts work life balance. Public sector employees don’t experience such disruption.
  7. Timely Payments – Govt servants receive timely payment of salaries and wages even during inflation and recession. Their payments don’t get affected by any sort of economic downturn. Even if the department or organization is going through losses, there are rarely, if any, delayed payments or pay-cuts.

Overall, public sector jobs are a profitable proposition and therefore highly in demand. Candidates wishing to secure these jobs appear for various competitive exams and often enroll themselves at centres for SSC coaching, in order to be successful.


Often, people are confused as to whether to apply for government jobs or work in private companies due to the comparatively higher pay scale in the latter. However, these aforementioned points throw light on the benefits of working in a public sector company, which usually comes with a comparatively lower salary, but has plentiful additional reasons to make up for it.

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